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Any potential VBACers?

I was pretty set on a RCS after my experience with DS2's birth (24 hour labor, 3 hours of pushing, failed epidural - needed spinal block, failure to descend, extremely unplanned c-section).

Anyways, I am changing my mind and want to have a trial of labor and see what happens.  DS1 was born vaginally but that was at 35 weeks (17 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing) as opposed to DS2 at 40 weeks.  Can my body birth a 40 week baby?  I really wish I knew...

Anyone else contemplating a VBAC?  DH is supportive either way.  Hindsight is 20/20.  I totally wish I could see into the future.

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Re: Any potential VBACers?

  • I've had two vbac's no problems. It felt good to have the trial of labor really helped with the feeling validation as a mother. Good luck with your choice. 
  • I'm hoping for a VBAC with this LO.  DD1 was a vaginal birth at 38w3d after just 3.5hrs of labor and 20min pushing.  DD2 was c-section due to breech presentation and failed external version.  Both my girls were <7lbs. 

    I know I can do it.  My OB is on board as are the other Drs. in the practice. DD3 is measuring bigger than her sisters but I'd much prefer the vaginal recovery to the c/s with 2 kids at home.

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  • skioskio
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    Yup. It was never a question in my mind whether I would try a VBAC or not; I was extremely disappointed with my unplanned c/s and need to try again for my own personal well being. I had a 23 hour labor, 3 hours pushing, DD wasn't descending. She was just shy of 9lbs and I'm small but I don't believe that my body made a baby too big for me to birth. I think I could've done it under the right circumstances.

    I was admittedly undereducated last time around and agreed to some interventions that I wish hadn't. This time, I'm educating myself and hiring a doula. I'm planning to go med free to avoid the same interventions that caused problems last time and have chosen hypnobirthing as my coping method. I'll be okay if I end up with another c/s, because I'll know that I did everything I could this time.
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  • I am planning a VBAC!

     My first was a vaginal delivery at 40 weeks with 12 hours of labor after my water broke on its own.

       My second I had a C section due to breach I think everything was wrong about it. My doctor insist that I had it done at 38 weeks I was so thrown off that I just went along with everything. My baby had a hard time breathing and ended up in the ICU for a week. My recovery was long and hard also.

     I am really hoping this time around everything will fall into place for a vaginal delivery.

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    Hoping for a VBAC

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  • Me! DS was a csection because he was breech, but I went into labor the night before my due date/scheduled section. I labored great, my water broke, I was 7 cm dilated and full effaced by the time they got me to the OR. G was 7.7 and my doc at the time said he saw no reason why I couldn't have a vaginal birth given my history. My current OB and midwife both think I'm a good candidate. Given the stats I think I would almost always have tried a VBAC in a hospital no matter what my first experience was, but everyone has a different comfort level. I just had a rough recovery and want to be able to function a little better postpartum if possible!

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  • Me!  DD was an emergency c/s.  Very short birth story-went from 3-7cm in 45 min, spent 4 hours in transition, and 6 hours pushing before the MW at the birth center called for an emergency transfer due to thick meconium.  By the time we made it to the hospital, both baby and I were in very bad shape.  She was stuck in the birth canal b/c she was OP.  I am doing everything possible to avoid a poorly positioned baby.  I wish I would have known about preventative chiro care with DD, but hindsight is 20/20.
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  • I am so torn on this.  I had a Csec with DS due to breech with a failed external version (and every method of CAM to turn him).  I hasd resigned to a RCS but it was mostly due to convenience.  My hospital is five minutes away, but won't allow for a trial of labor for VBAC.  I would have to change doctors and go to a hospital one hour away to try it...and then it may not work.  Unlike a lot of the pp, I never went into labor, and didn't have a vag birth before, so the fact that I've never faced labor makes me more intimidated than I was as a FTM since now I know I have the 'out' of a planned c.

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  • Yes, but I'm open to an RCS if it looks like things are progressing (or, actually, NOT progressing) the way they did last time. DS is super active, and I don't really want to worry about recovering from surgery and taking care of an incision while trying to wrangle him.

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  • Planning a vbac after a csection with a breech baby. Hoping for the best. I am a VBAC baby myself. :

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