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How is your baby moving?

My little baby has been moving around a lot! Everyone says it would feel like a butterfly flutter, but it feels more like a twitch... There are quick little jabs and I think I felt some rolling the other day! Pretty cool :)

What movements has your baby been making? Or, if you already have kids, did the movements they made in your belly give you a prediction of what they would be like as babies/toddlers?

My mom said I didn't move around much, I just stretched. And I guess my husband rolled around a lot. I find it so interesting! 

Re: How is your baby moving?

  • Kicks and rolls. This baby is more relaxed than DD was in utero. I don't think movement during gestation has any correlation with toddler behavior. I have no idea how that connection could be made.

    Cravings on the other hand have some correlation in my experience. DD had me craving lemonade like crazy. To this day her favorite treat is lemonade.
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  • Oh this one LOVES waffles!!
  • DS was insanely active in utero. We're talking almost constant kicks, rolls, punches from 16 weeks on. And yes, he is a very active child. The kid didn't sleep more than an hour and a half at a time until he was 4 months old. But he's a really good toddler who now sleeps at least twelve hours every night btw. He's just curious and active and has an amazing imagination.

    This baby is also pretty active. Her movements aren't as strong as DS's were because I have an anterior placenta. But I still get a lot of rolls and flips and fairly regular little jabs.
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  • Mine gets the hiccups twice a day. He rolls around a lot and kicks. He's a crazy man.
  • I never really felt the flutter movement either. My LO moreso rolls, flips, kicks and gives the occasional jab. Love it every time :)
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  • I have anterior placenta so I don't feel the regualer small movements I did with other two but he is a mover and a shaker. He does not like the ultrasounds and the dopplers pushing in on him and kicks them during doctors visits. When I start getting hungry I guess he does too because I can feel him moving in there. I have had a couple of jabs take me off guard, one stopping me in my tracks.


  • I just told my DH, Baby is practicing parkour in there this week. Crazy flips and leaps that often startle me!
  • fabkfabk
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    Mine is pretty active most days, other days it seems more relaxed. He seems to like to flip around. I do feel kicks every once in a while.

    Last night when I was sewing he must have loved the sound because whenever I started the machine up he went wild with movement!

  • Mostly stretching here. Maybe twice a day baby gets really active and I get about ten or fifteen minutes of really active kicks and jabs. I have an anterior placenta though, so it's probably happening more often than I feel.
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  • I feel him roll every once in awhile, but it seems like he mostly gets comfortable in one spot and then kicks. Apparently, though, I was the same way. My mom said I got comfortable in one spot and for about a week straight kept kicking her bottom rib until it cracked. She was able to kind of poke and prod me around since she was seven or eight months, but I would just settle back in the same spot and kick some more.

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  • I have an anterior placenta, so many of baby's movements are muffled.  I mostly feel her about 20 minutes after eating (esp. carbs), drinking caffeine or juice, or laying still.  I feel jabs, twitches, and occasional rolls that make me a little seasick.  She is pretty chill on ultrasound - usually sucking her thumbs and playing with her hands or feet.  She threw a few punches I felt when the doctor poked her with the ultrasound wand to get her to move.
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  • Our little boy punches more than he kicks. He's getting stronger every day! Granted, he doesn't do much for the most part. He's pretty quiet but when he wants his presence known, he goes for it Haha
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  • EMF70EMF70
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    I'm 22 weeks and gave yet to feel anything.  I guess that's normal for FTM.  My doctor said I should feel something in another few weeks.
  • This is such an interesting post! Mine only seems to do a series of quick kicks/ jabs- I have yet to feel any fluttery, rolling motions and I often wonder if that's strange since most people refer to movement as sort of soft and fluid. Interesting reading all of your responses! 
  • This is my second child and with my first he was violent when he moved, even up to the day he was born. I'm very small and he ended up being 8.5 lbs and 21 inches long looked like a 2 month old lol. He was not a good sleeper but a super smart and calm kid. This time were having a girl and she is so much more graceful. Very active but more dance like, I've felt her move since 11 weeks which I know is so early but it's the most enjoyable feeling and Im trying to cherish it because she will prob be our last ! I hope she is a well behaved as our son, (and a bit smaller) all my friends tease me and say she will be the crazy active one because we are so spoiled with him lol! 
  • MRadsMRads
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    image EMF70:
    I'm 22 weeks and gave yet to feel anything.  I guess that's normal for FTM.  My doctor said I should feel something in another few weeks.

    Me too. Well, I'm almost 22 weeks. And it is

    bumming me out. I have had u/_s the past 2 Fridays

    so I know everything is ok. OP, I slept through the

    night pretty much from birth and I've always been

     an early to bed early to rise person. In utero, I was

    active from 5am-9pm pretty consistently, and still

    through the night. Neither of my sisters' activity in 

    utero matched their behavior outside, though.


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