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After your loss, when did you start charting again? 

We tried a year for this bfp, and the temping stresses me out too much (I obsessed over my chart too much). I had started just temping to confirm O, only really temped 8ish times a cycle, mostly around O. I don't want to start temping again, but also don't want to pee on an opk everyday.

obviously we are TTA right now (d&c was Tuesday), but just want to see if my cycles are going to get back to normal, or if they're going to change a little. Did yours go back to normal or were they wacky for a while?  We would like to start trying again ASAP after the dr gives us the go ahead. TIA :) 

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Re: Temping/opks

  • My cycles went from an average of 30 days long pre-pregnancy to 27 days long post d&c.  So my O day has changed by a few days as well.  But everyone is different.  I started charting and using opks after my first post d&c cycle. 

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. There is a lot of variation in what happens to your cycles after a m/c. Some people go right back to their old pattern like clockwork, other people take a little longer, and some people take several months. Also, many people develop a new normal (longer or shorter cycles, different symptoms, etc).  There's a survey in the TTCAL blog (linked at top of board) about how long it took for AF to return - that'll give you an idea of the range of possibilities.  
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    As I'm sure you know, everyone is different, but I'll share my experience with you. I had an early loss and natural m/c. I didn't plan on doing any charting or temping because I thought that I would obsess over it. But it took so long to get my period after my loss (about 10 weeks) that I started temping midway through that cycle to try and figure out what my body is doing. It is now six months past that date, and I still am not sure that things are completely regulated. Charting and temping (and now OPKs) allow me to get a better picture of what my body is doing, and overall I find that less stressful than not having a clue what is happening.
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  • I took the first month off....after I got my first post-M/C period, I starting temping/OPKs again.   My periods went back to normal pretty quickly, and were more or less the same as pre-M/C (plus or minus a day her and there).  

    It's entirely up to you when you start charting again.  It might help to chart for a few cycles (whether TTA or TTC) to make sure you know what your body is doing, and once you get it figure out then stop if you don't want to continue.  I know it's stressful! 

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  • I started on CD3 post loss.  I am charting at this point mainly because if my cycle ends up being super wonky, I will completely regret not charting.  I want an idea what is going on. 

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    i didn't start until my first cycle after my 2nd loss, mainly to see if I could gain any insight. 

    with my 1st loss, my cycles stayed the same, 2nd loss AF has been shorter but still in the same length range. 

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  • I had a natural m/c at 6w and was advised to wait one cycle before trying again but if I happened to get ku right away it was ok.  So I started charting immediately and went on to have a 45 day annovulatory cycle.  Pre mc my cycles were 30-35 days long w O around 21-23.  Post mc it shortened to 30-33 days with O around 17.  
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  • I started shortly after my d and c do I could get the hang of charting. We're still preventing but I wanted to see what my body was going to do post loss.
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    I started on CD3 post loss.  I am charting at this point mainly because if my cycle ends up being super wonky, I will completely regret not charting.  I want an idea what is going on. 


    Ditto! Even though it's the strangest chart I've had & my temps are still wayyy up, I know I'd regret it if I didn't chart. *sigh*

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