Diaper Bag???

Hi everyone--


I know this has been asked before but for some reason the search feature returns zero results. GRRRR!

I'm trying to decide on a diaper bag. Does anyone recommend any of the Skip Hop bags? Other brands/styles?  Thanks!


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Re: Diaper Bag???

  • I got the duo double deluxe. It's huge. I'm not sure I need something this big...will need to see.





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  • I have the skip hop double duo deluxe-or something like that.Either I do not know how to pack or it is not that big because it seems just ok for an outing.

    I usually take with me.

    2 bottles

    formula in small case

    wipes,4 diapers, change of clothes for each on,burp clothe X2.Bibsx2,diapercream,wet ones,a small toy.

  • I had the Skip Hop Dash with DS1 and really liked it.  It has tons of pockets and a few different zippered compartments.  It's easy to clean, and I loved that you could strap it onto a stroller so it wasn't just hanging there.  It's too small to use with two kinds in cloth diapers though, so when I had DS2 I was gifted a huge Coach bag.  It's not as functional as the Skip Hop, but I've been using it for 18 months.  

    I am currently considering getting the Duo Double since I will have three in diapers and it seems it should hold enough stuff, but I don't like that it will only strap onto a side-by-side stroller, since we don't have one and aren't planning on using one.   Also, my Dash is in black so DH still uses it when he goes out with the boys.  No way would he carry my Coach bag.  


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  • I got the Vera bradley get carried away tote for bigger trips to my moms when I would need more diapers/outfits.  This was when I had 2 under 2 and I loved it!  I just got the fisher price deluxe wide opening diaper is just black but big inside for everyday use. (haven't started using it yet)
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  • My sister bought me the Coach diaper bag. We were out yesterday and had a change for each girl, about 10 diapers (wipes & cream, too), a couple burp cloths, and 4 bottles. I fit my wallet & some other "purse" stuff in the outside compartments so I don't have to carry a separate handbag. 

    DH has a bag by Eddie Bauer that we registered for at BRU. We've  used it, but never by it itself (if we're going visiting all day, we tend to overpack), although it certainly seems like we could. 

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  • I have the Lands End Do It All Diaper Bag and I love it. It isn't as big as some of the others, though. I EBFed so I didn't have to pack bottles and formula it might be too small for two in that case.
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  • Honestly, my diaper bag is a duffle bag. Fits a lot, highly recommend. I paid $14 for it

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  • I haven't gotten to use it yet but I did pack it and I have plenty of room still.

    DH bought me the Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy Backpack which is designed for multiples. It has pockets for twice as many bottles, diapers, etc. It's very well made, and while pricey, I'm hoping it will hold its own for a very long time.

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  • i also have the skip hop duo double deluxe. I find its a tight fit for all day outings, and typically bring a separate bag for bottles. Its definitely too big to use on one baby, but it works well for my 3.
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  • Thanks for the links and ideas! I have a few I'm going to check out in person. I just wish they weren't so dang expensive! LOL


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  • Look on
  • If you're out and about don't bypass Marshall's and TJs... I saw a few Skip Hops there for almost $40 off.  I haven't used it yet, but I have the Skip Hop Bento.  It seems spacious to me, but I also live in suburbia and will always have my car with me so I can pack a second car bag with extras if on a long day trip or overnight.  
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  • I have a Skip Hop Duo and I love, love, love it.


  • Diaper bags are a personal preference. There are lots of options to choose from based on your lifestyle and your personal style. Do you prefer a backpack to a diaper bag that looks like a purse? Do you want a small or large bag - colors and patterns???

    Some other great brands to consider are Timi & Leslie, Amy Michelle, Baby Sherpa, etc. 

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