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What's your typical day like?

What does a typical day look like for you? My baby girl is 4 weeks old and I'm wondering if we should start trying to get on a schedule. Nothing rigid, but just something a little more predictable. Right now we are just eating, playing, napping, and going to bed as we please. But I think once I go back to work in 5 weeks, it might be better to have a more established schedule. Just curious what a day in the life looks like for some other new moms. 


Re: What's your typical day like?

  • DS will be 5 weeks tomorrow and this is generally, give or take, what our days look like:

     8 ( or 9) - nurse and up for the day, cuddles, songs, or funny faces

    10 - nap in my arms

    11:30 - nurse, tummy time, cuddles, songs or funny faces

    12:30 - nap in play pen

    2:30 - nurse, put him in the Bjorn and take the dog for a walk

    4:00 - nap in my arms

    5:00 -nurse

    5:30 - nap in play pen

    6:30 - nurse and put DS in bouncy while I make dinner, the lots of songs and funny faces

    7:30 - bath ( only twice a week) or play time with DH

    8:00 - nurse

    8:45/9 - read story, swaddle and put in crib

    1:30, 2 or 3 (depends on the  night) - nurse and back to bed

    5:30, 6 or 6:30 - nurse and back to bed 

    It's not super rigid but generally our days have that general structure.  DS really does well with the routine of our days, of course on my DH's days off our schedule is totally different as we typically run errands and they spend time playing together because he doesnt get much time during the week, but 5 days a week this is what our days look like. 

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  • We don't really have a schedule-- none that I could list. There are certain times that I can count on him waking up, usually at 3:30 am and 5:30 am. I get up to pump at 7 am, and the rest of the day is whatever. 

    ETA: If he has been sleeping all day, we generally try to have "play time" about 7 pm for a little bit, but that's not every night. 

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  • Weekdays:

    6:30- wake her up and feed her

    7:30- drop her off at my sisters house while I go to work. she usually falls asleep in the car.

    8-9 or 9:30 sitting in her aunt's lap laughing/playing

    9:30 eat

    10-12 nap or play

    12:30 eat

    1-3 nap

    3:30 eat

    4-5 play

    5- I pick her up and take her hoe. She usually naps on the way home

    6- eat

    6:30-9 usually a nap and some play time

    9-9:30 eat

    10- wiggle time (if she's awake after her bottle)

    10:30- swaddle and put to sleep in her crib 


    Weekends are different. We don't get up at any specific time- we let her decide when we get up. She usually eats every 3-4 hours and naps in her carseat or in the Ergo while we run errands or on one of us if we're lazing around the house. 


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  • Don't even try. Let lo create their own schedule at this point. By 12 weeks it will happen practically overnight. Our days are always different bc she never sleeps the same yet.
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  • We started DD on a 3 hour schedule per docs orders due to low weight gain.  We just continued it.  Sleep 3 hours, wake her for a feeding, let her either go back to sleep or play.  3hours later feed again.

     Basically, she does whatever she feels like between feedings, but eating is every 3 hours unless she hits a growth spurt and snacks inbetween. 

  • I had good intentions of setting up a schedule, but I never got around to it. DD is starting to be more predictable though and our days are loosely like this:

    7 am: wake up, diaper change, unswaddle, get the "wiggles and giggles" out

    7:30 am: nurse, back to sleep (for mama and baby!)

    9 - 10 am: wake for the day. Nurse. Shower with mama or hang out in bathroom while mom gets ready

    11 am - 2 pm (ish): usually errands. Will nurse before leaving and sometimes will sleep in her carseat, sometimes she's awake for most of this stretch

    3 pm - 5 pm: play, cuddle, nurse

    5 pm: nap

    5:30 pm: awake, happy and playful

    6:30 pm: start to whine,  thus signaling bedtime. I try to stretch our routine as long as she's content in hopes of encouraging her to have a bit later bedtime. I bathe her (either in her tub or we take a bath together if I really want to stretch it)

    7 - 7:30 pm: nurse in moms bed, she cries when she's done then we just cuddle. She falls asleep within 20 mins usually, and depending in what I'm doing I ever hold her for a bit longer or put her in her crib.

    11 pm: wake to nurse, go back to crib

    2 - 3 am: wake to nurse, finish night in bed with mom

    5 am: nurnurse


    Things will soon change though bc I'm headed back to work and she'll be with DH all day and I'm imagining he'll try to establish a bit more routine for them.  


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  • 7-8: Up for the day, change, nurse, and play in swing then sleep.

    Whenever she is hungry wake up: change, feed, usually back to sleep.

    3 hours later: change, feed, play, nap.

    3 hours later: change, feed. play, nap.

    Between 8 and 9: change, pj's, swaddle, feed and down for sleep. 

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  • image MrsBigTime:

    9 - 10 am: wake for the day. Nurse. Shower with mama or hang out in bathroom while mom gets ready

    How do you manage to shower with her? Do you hold her or is she just in the bathroom at the same time? I have a hard time getting a shower in when I'm at home alone with my daughter. I feel guilty leaving her in my room alone, because she often wakes up crying and I can hear her while I'm showering. She's 7 weeks and I'm going back to work tomorrow.

    Our "schedule" has been:

    Sleep till 10:30 or 11

    Try to shower before 11, because the roommate starts getting ready for work at that time. If I don't get it done by 11, I have to wait until around one.

    We usually go out with Grandma around noon during the week. Various appointments and errands to run.

    Home around 5, after my husband gets home from work. We eat dinner around 7, and hubby goes to bed around 8 or 9. 

    DD kind of eats and sleeps as it pleases her. This can be inconvenient when I'm out around town. If I'm at Target or WalMart, though, I can easily feed her in a fitting room.

    My work schedule is all over the place- some days I start at 3 pm, and other days I go in at 10 am. So I would LOVE to get my LO on a more regular schedule, too. 

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