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Gifts for the nurses

Anyone making a little something for the nurses for when you go into labor?
If you did, how many did you make? What did you put in them? I'm just trying to get a few more ideas! :
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Re: Gifts for the nurses

  • Last time DH picked up a bunch of donuts for them which they probably get all the time lol.  Sweet of him to think of though lol.  This time I was going to take someone's suggestion on here of sending an Edible Arrangement since they always seem to go over well.

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  • I was thinking about this today too, but thinking more of making something for the secretaries, nurses and docs at my OB office. I love their practice, they know me by name there now, I never wait (the longest I've waited to be seen is honestly 10 minutes and that's rare) and they are just all so sweet.

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  • I was told by the nurses that they usually throw out homemade goods just because there are too many unknowns. They do love purchased goodies though! I'm planning to have the hubby stop by Paradise Bakery on the way and pick up some cookies!

    Good Luck! 

  • Last time, I had MIL pick up a fruit tray and cookie tray from the grocery store. Plan to do so again this time around.
  • I am bringing an Easter basket full of different Easter candy/treats for the nurses.  I am due on Easter Sunday (march 31) I thought it was fitting.  Even if I dont deliver on my actual due date, it will be close to Easter most likely.   

  • im not a stm, but i agree with a pp, dont spend time on homemade things, they normally get tossed out.

    where i work, no matter how sweet the family, you just dont ever know so we throw it away. its a little crazy sometimes because some awesome looking stuff gets wasted and everyone really appreciates the sentiment, but, we just dont ever eat it as a general rule.

    however, i can see a dr's office maybe being a bit different. if youre going for homemade, i would give it to them instead of hospital personnel.

  • Maybe I should clarify, I am putting little gift bags together for them.

    So far I have little bath body works hand sanitizers, the little 5 gum packs, and candybars...
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  • While I'm in the hospital, I plan to have individually wrapped Lindt chocolates in the room (both in the delivery room and post-partum room). From other hospital stays of mine, it really does work to get more visits when they can have a small non-guilty indulgence when they come by...unless you want them to leave you be - haha.

  • I bought a pink basket and a ton of candy.  We did the same when my son was born(blue basket).  When anybody came in we pointed it out and said help yourself.  They loved it and I think we got a bit more attentiveness/friendliness because of it.  We just took it with us when we moved from L&D to postpartum. What was nice was that it was for everybody: docs, nurses, the people bringing the food tray, housekeeping, etc.   

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