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Easter Basket

Are you making LO an Easter basket? If so what are you filling it with?

Re: Easter Basket

  • Nope. Never had. That's MILs thing. She will usually put in a chocolate bunny which I eat. Also some other Easter candies which of course is not for the kids at all so, again, I deal with them. Usually she'll put in an outfit, a toy and a book as well.
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  • I don't think going to make a basket. Or baskets lol. I will get them something though.
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  • Usually my dad and his wife do it but I plan in making it this yr.
    The usual candies and fruit, a stuffed animal, and toy. For Amir will have baby fruit strips/cookies and toy.


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  • I bought him a toy that I was going to give him for Easter but couldn't wait and gave it to him already.  Oh well.  
  • I am super excited! Im going to order Addie a personalized basket, and then I got two plush peter rabbit books from zulily, and a cute outfit from target. I haven't figured out what else I'm getting but most likely a few hair bows and some toys. Oh and this super cute teething toy :] can't resist!
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  • DH and I still do little Easter baskets with each other, so we will definitely be doing them with DS. This year we only plan on putting in a couple toys and a couple board books. Growing up I always got books, some candy, bubbles, chalk, hula hoops in mine, but DS is too young for most of that.
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  • image LiliDragon:
    image LoveLo2010:

    Ahhh! Where is that bunny from?!? L MUST have one!!!! Also love the Peter Rabbit plush books. I was thinking of the library for her basket. I tend to go overboard! :/

    Here's the link sorry no clicky I'm on my phone
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  • I'm pretty excited about the Easter basket.

    So far I've gotten her a bunny sippy cup, the book The Runaway Bunny, and these:


    They're little bunny peeps made of felt. Etsy is the best.


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  • I plan on it! I'm gonna fill it with a few onesies...some socks because the dryer always acts like a dink and eats one....some new bottles...and a plush bunny. Yep.
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  • ccamccam
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    Yes! I already got his basket from Pottery Barn. I picked up a few small toys and a book. DH wants to pick him out a stuffed bunny. I'll probably grab some socks and maybe some onesies. His "candy" will be a pear or maybe a sweet potato.


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  • Nope. Maybe next year. Easter has not been a thing in my family since I was about 14. I'm out of practice!
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  • I'll buy a basket and will get him some small toys, nothing too crazy or exciting.

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  • We're not but I'm sure that both Grandmas and their 4 Aunts are and if they know whats good for them they will be filled with goodies for me. Big Smile

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  • Yes.  With DS at this age we did books, swim trunks, snacks, and a teether.

    I'll probably do something similar with her (but an outfit instead of the swim gear).  Probably a bath toy of some sort since we need new variety. lol Maybe some A+A security blankets.

    DS is just to the age (almost 4) where I feel comfortable giving him some candy, but he will most likely get more small gifts than food as well. 

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  • Yes! I love all holidays, and I love the traditions even if the only ones who enjoy them are DH and myself right now.

    Oops. Hit send before I was finished. Wi probably put some age appropriate crackes in there, a book, and an Easter dress with a hairbow.

    Next year I will do an egg hunt and invite the cousins over.
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