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Anyone with postpartum pre-e/pih?

Hi all!  I just had my third baby girl last week, and have had a host of pregnancy complications (often different ones!) with all three.  But this time around, I have a new one that I could use some insight on.

I had PIH with DD#1, and ended up with severe pre-e at term.  Then for DD#2, my blood pressure was high (130s/80s -- definitely high for me) so they put me on modified rest as a precaution with my history, but it never became anything more than that.

I had other issues with DD#3, but my blood pressure was beautifully normal throughout and at the hospital while I recovered from my c-section. Then I got a raging headache at home on postpartum day 6, and on instinct, took my blood pressure and was 150/100!  My doc saw me right away, and the next day too, and sure enough, I was running that high unless I was lying down.  So they let me come home if I promised to rest and monitored my own pressures and called at the first sign of it going above 140/90, even after resting (they know I know the drill). I see them again this week.

My pressures have been fluctuating at home, but never quite as high since (130s/80s), and today they are even low!  Has anyone had experience with this? Did your BPs go up and down, or once they got low again, did they stay that way? Did you end up on meds?  And finally, can I feel like I'm beyond the risk of full pre-e again, or can that still come on at any point? Since my pressures are so up and down, I'm hopeful that at most this would be a lingering blood pressure issue.

Appreciate any firsthand experiences!  TIA (and sorry so long!) 

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Re: Anyone with postpartum pre-e/pih?

  • I had pree and pih with my 2 year old son. I was diagnosed with pih at 32 weeks and pree at 37 weeks and delivered him that day. My blood pressure dropped for a few days after birth. While I was still in hospital, my blood pressure went high and dr decided to put me on blood pressure meds for 2 weeks. My blood pressure went back to normal. Now I'm pregnant again my blood pressure is already creeping up.
  • I have heard that you can develop pree after delivery.
  • I dealt with a host of problems this pregnancy but never BP problems.  PP day 3 I just felt sick  and short of breath.  I ended up being admitted since I had heart and lung problems with this pregnancy and I was breathing 30-40 times a minute, I had a TERRIBLE headache, and my BP was 197/113.  I also had hyper reflexes (next would have been seizures).  I stayed for 4 days and had Magnesium IV, pain meds, and lots of tests for my heart.  My little is now 5moths old and I take BP meds daily.  We have had to switch and increase my doses several times because my BP kept shooting up.  But now I take Norvasc 5 mg and it is well controlled. 
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