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Potty training tips?

Anyone have good potty training tips to share?  My DD is 2 1/2. Thank you!! 

Re: Potty training tips?

  • I just took nappies off DD1 at around 2 yrs 2mths mostly because she kept kicking and fighting when I tried to change her. So I basically just had a temper tantrum and said, "no more nappies for you."

    Day 1 she pee'd all over the floor.

    Day 2 she always realised she needed to go to the toilet, and probably got there half of the time.

    Day 3 she had it sorted and knew how to get to the toilet in time, and we had no accidents.

    I never took her to the toilet, but frequently asked her through the day if she needed to go. I never made a big deal of her making a mess on the floor, just grabbed her and ran to the toilet if I saw her doing it, and cleaned her/the floor up.

    She's still not dry at night. I left her in pull-ups when going out for about a week just in case, but we had no problems.

    She's had maybe 5 accidents since she was PT beyond a PT regression she went through just before she turned 3. That lasted about 3 weeks and drove me crazy but we got through.

    We never had any issues with her managing peeing abut not pooing or vice versa.

    I think a  lot of it has to do with them being ready for it. 

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  • DD(3) was interested in the potty and showing other signs of being ready, so at 2.5 we went to underwear cold turkey.  Day 1 was 6 accidents, 5 successes.  Day 2 was better, but then my ILs came down to visit and there was too much stuff going on.  DD got upset about having accidents and wanted her diapers back.  I decided to back off for another few months, but after a month, I came home from work, and my nanny informed me that DD had been in underwear and accident free all day.  I guess she just decided she wanted her underwear back.  Other than a regression due to stomach virus last month, she's been pretty much accident free.  For the first few months, we put her in diapers if we were going on a long trip, and also during nap and overnight.  Just recently, she started staying dry during naps, but she will be wet maybe 50% of the time for overnight.  I've heard you can't really do anything about potty training while they're sleeping, so we're just riding it out.
  • Thank you! I am thinking of just taking away diapers too because she throws tantrums during diaper changes & usually tells me as soon as she poops. 
  • I waited until both of my girls started telling me when they had to go potty. DD1 was 2y3m. DD2 was 2 years. We used diapers/pull ups for a while and then switched to undies when they could reliably get to the toilet in time. It took a while before having the bladder control to hold it caught up with understanding the urge to go. I basically followed their lead and didn't push anything.
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  • Pack a ton of patience. 

    Day 1: We did no pants, no underwear.  That way there was nothing in the way of her going to the bathroom in time.  We had about 8 accidents. 

    Day 2: Again, no pants no underwear.  2 Accidents.  Both days I asked every 15 minutes if she had to go. 

    Day 3: Underwear, no pants.  No accidents. 

    Day 4: Pants and Underwear.  Again no accidents. 

    Day 5: Sent her back to daycare with 6 outfits.  She went through every one of them. 

    Day 6: 2 accidents at daycare. 

    Day 7: No accidents. 

    We've had a handful of accidents since and she was potty trained at the beginning of 9/12.  In 10/12 we ditched the pull-up's for nap time.  Later the same month we ditched them for night time.  She hasn't needed them since. 

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  • We just started potty training DD last Monday. I plopped her on the toilet when I thought she might have had to pee, she peed, I made a HUGE, HUGE deal about it and she's been peeing on the potty since, telling me every time she has to go. I also say "Tell mommy when you have to go potty" about every 5-10 minutes.

    She's only had two pee accidents since Monday (she's still in a diaper at night) and 3 (out of 5) poop accidents. She is getting better about pooping though, today she knew she had to go, ran to her little potty, and pooped right as she sat down.

    We had tried potty training a couple times before this last time and it never worked. I'm now a strong believer that the kid needs to be ready. 

  • I recommend this downloadable book.

    We started about 9 days ago with no diaper, no undies - nekked from the waist down - for 2 days.

    Commando - sweatpants but no undies - for the next week.

    Today we started underwear and sweatpants. 

    I can count on one hand the accidents he has had.  I am beyond thrilled that it's been this easy and hope it continues!

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  • We put a little potty in the livingroom and let DS run around naked from the waist down for two days. Having the potty right where he could see it and get to it quickly helped. We also went to the dollar store and stocked up on prizes. We put the prizes in little bags and taped the up out of reach near the potty. Every time he went those first days he got rewarded. After two days, we let him run around in underwear. We slowly moved his potty closer to the bathroom until he eventually made it to the big potty. We slowly switched from prizes every time to prizes only for poop. Then switched from prizes to stamps and stickers and then stopped those too. We tried very hard to praise him do fun dances get really excited etc. We wanted it to be completely positive. We tried to get him to want to go vs. forcing. It took us about 4 days at home without leaving at all. After that he only had a couple accidents. He's still not potty trained at night though.
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  • My DD was "ready" a few weeks ago... but at first she didn't "get it".  We bought the fisher price princess potty that plays music when she would pee.  She liked that but still was having problems.  I tried showing her how one of her dolls "had to pee" and hid a squirt bottle behind and let her watch... she was intriqued, but kept having accidents.  Finally after a week and half, I broke down and tried bribery... in our case mini m&m's as a reward. I would ask her (when I knew she would have to pee) "do you need to go pee pee?" and she would always tell me "no".  Then I showed her the mini m&m container and asked her "do you need to go pee pee?" and she said "yes" and went immediatlely.  We only gave her 3 mini m&m's each time and would count them together, so I wasn't loading her up on chocolate... that and with a lot of praise, the princess potty music, and she loved to wash her hands afterwards...  she soon forgot about the m&m's as a reward a few days into it. I know some people will say not to use food as a reward, but honestly it was the only thing that worked to get her to pee at first for us.  Good luck... potty training takes a lot of patience and what works for one child may not work for another.

    Oh, I forgot to mention... I have a 6 week old newborn also while I was trying to pt our DD. So I couldn't always be as focused sometimes. I waited until after the baby came home and she adjusted (which she had no issues) before starting potty training.

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