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Offered a Shower and Declined...

and now I feel like an a-hole. I called my grandpa today and his new wife answered (my Grandma passed away about 9 years ago and he remarried a little over a year ago now) so we chatted for a bit. She asked how the pregnancy was going then asked about throwing a shower. I respectfully declined as we have two children already that are 3 and almost 2 and saved EVERYTHING from them. We knew we wanted more children and that was a huge reason why we held onto it all.

I told her thanks but I wouldn't even know what to register for since really the only thing we'll need is diapers and we've been stock piling them since we found out about the pregnancy. I already got the car seats and rock n plays that I wanted and my MIL said that she would get the cribs as a Christmas present (early of course) but we plan on rooming in for the first few months. We have a crap load of clothes for both a boy and girl so that leaves us... diapers. I don't know why I feel so bad about this. Anyone been in a similar situation? What did you end up doing? 


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Re: Offered a Shower and Declined...

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