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Question for those who use a baby swing

So, I've discovered that Hannah really likes to be rocked, whether us swinging the carseat, or even the carseat rocking itself. We have one bouncy type chair, but it hardly rocks at all, and she's not old enough to bounce it well herself.

I'm wondering if a swing would be worth the investment. Anybody out there use the swing? Do you find it worth it?

And for more personal/parenting type questions.

1) I LOVE to cuddle with Hannah as much as possible, I am partially afraid that if she loves the swing so much it will be easier for me to just leave her in it while I do some housework, etc. Do you find you do that?

2) Which type of swing would you recommend, I would really prefer NOT to have one with batteries, and why did you pick that swing?


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Re: Question for those who use a baby swing

  • DD lived in her swing for the first 3 months (all naps and night sleeping).  We had the fisher price snuggabunny swing.  I picked it because it plugged in the wall instead of being battery operated.

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  • M was like your Hannah (loves to be rocked or in a stroller), but the swing doesn't do much for him.  He actually hated it the first few weeks of life; then he got used to it and we mostly use it as a place for him to sit when I'm prepping dinner.  He couldn't care less if the swing is on or not, and he HATES it if he's tired and the swing is on.  He was able to sleep in the stationary swing when he was a comatosed newborn, but ever since he's more alert, he can never, ever falls asleep in the swing.  In fact, he'll scream bloody murder if I leave him in the swing when he's tired.

    We used the swing a lot when he was between 1-3months (as I said, a place to put him down if I have to chores), but he's getting impatient with it these days.  He'll sit in it for maybe 10minutes if I give him a toy to play with; after that he'll start to protest. So nowadays, he's only in the swing no more than 20 minutes a day.

    We got our swing for free - our neighbor was getting rid of theirs.  It's one of the older models but portable so I can move it from the living room to the kitchen.  It uses battery but since it's on infrequently, we have yet to need to change the batteries.

    Honestly, I definitely will not pay $100 for a plug-in swing and only use it sparingly for several months...

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  • image jesselayne8:
    DD lived in her swing for the first 3 months (all naps and night sleeping).  We had the fisher price snuggabunny swing.  I picked it because it plugged in the wall instead of being battery operated.

    I second the Snugabunny swing! DD loved it and used it until she was 6 months. We will be pulling it back out for this LO.


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  • I third the snugabunny.  DD is 9 months (on Sunday) and still loves it.  It was one of the top three items I was glad we got for her.  I have a feeling she will be jealous when DS gets to use it later this year, but luckily we'll have had some time to wean her off it, since she's rapidly approaching the weight limit.
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  • We used our fisher price rainforest swing a lot for the first few months w/ both.  DS2 ended up w/ a flat head and DS1 did not.   Pedi thinks swing may have contributed but he also supposedly had a softer skull.  Just something to keep in mind.
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  • Hannah sounds a lot like my DS, and he loved the swing! It was a God send when he was an infant! It's up to you how much you put LO in the swing. My DS did not spend all day in the swing, but he did nap and sleep in the swing. I suggest letting Hannah try a friend's swing if you can. We got an amazing swing as a hand me down. It was a Fisher Price cradle swing, and it was awesone! We plugged it in when we used it. We will get a second one for when the twins come.
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  • I think it is hit or miss.  Neither of my LO's really cared for the swing, for me it was just another station to have an LO in, I would rotate them between the mat, swing & bouncer.  I had the graco swings & TBH I don't think I ever even needed to change the batteries, which will tell you how much use they got.  Every LO is different & I know some love it, it would be nice if you could borrow one to see if Hannah likes it or not.
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  • We love the swing! Its helping me get things done and teaching her how to put herself to sleep. I dont want her to get dependent on someone holding her. Even though I love snuggles! But she slept in it the first night home. We have the My Little Lamb limited edition one with the stars that light up! We havent used that feature yet though! We chose this swing because it is a cradle swing so it is deep and she sits on an incline. We use it all day long and then put her in the pack and play at night. I also hear the rock and play is a baby favorite, we don't have one, but you would have to rock her yourself. Oh and the swing has three different position to swing in, so that helped sell it for us!


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  • I have a Snug a Bunny big swing that was about $125-150 that plugs in.  It is great, but it definately stationary.  The thing is really huge.  It has alot of different features (music, sounds, you can change the direction of the swing and speed, etc.). It plugs in and takes batteries.

    I also have a smaller swing we purchased at Target to travel and for upstairs since we can't move the big swing around. I think it is a graco, but I'm not sure.  It is a portable swing which is nice because it just folds down to very small and you can travel with it, move it, etc.  It doesn't have all the features my big swing has, but I like that it is small and compact.  It was only about $45-$50, I think.

    I do put him in at times--usually to nap--but I don't feel like it takes away from cuddle time.  LO still prefers being held to the swing.

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  • We have the snugabunny and little guy likes it! It doesn't always work, but for the most part it does calm him down.  I think it is one of those things though where you won't know if they like it or not until you try it and even then they could change their mind! He hated the bouncer at first and now likes that. I find it is good to have options so you can get a few things done but they will always prefer to be in your arms. 

    The FP snugabunny plugs in.  It is pretty good, we had a few problems with the motor not working as well as it originally did (Ours ocassionally needs a push) but overall I would recommend it. 

    I have also been using the moby wrap if I just need my hands free to pay bills and such. 

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  • C also loves to be rocked in his car seat.  When all else fails we can put him in it and swing him a bit and he quiets right down.  Saying that though he hates his swing.  For some reason it is just not the same.

    1) I can't really answer because C didn't really ever like the swing.  I have to say though that I think you will balance everything out if she does like the swing.

    2) We have a Fisher Price Snug A Bunny.  It plugs in so no batteries to worry about.  I love the swing I just wish C did.  It can rock side to side or front to back, it plays different music and has 6 speed settings. 

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  • We also have the snug a bunny. E loves it. She still naps in it. It's also great for her to sleep in when she's sick as its more inclined than her crib.
    I don't think it takes away from cuddle time. I cuddle E till she's almost or fully asleep then put her in the swing. The rocking helps her stay asleep longer. If we need a big nap, MH and I race over to turn the music back on when it times out. Haha.
    My mom got a used swing at a baby resale shop to keep at her house, so that's a good option too.
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  • My LO loves the SnugaBunny too! And I agree with the others. I don't think it takes away from snuggles and at some point your arms are going to need a break. And LO will always prefer mama to a swing :) 
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  • Emma loves the swing so far, but she's only 6 days old so who knows how long that will last :) We have the snugamonkey (same as the snugabunny). It plugs in which was one of the main reasons I picked it. We don't use it too often, mainly when we need a little break from holding her and sometimes while she is napping so she can stay in the room with us. She is too small for the Moby otherwise I would probably be using that more so I could hold her more
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  • I bought one when DS was about a month old for similar reasons to what you described.  He never liked it.  We tried it with DD#1 - she didn't care for it either.  But we finally have a swing lover in DD#2! 

    Because I bought it when DS was already here, I didn't want to spend big $$$ on it and have him not like it.  So I bought a Fisher Price travel swing (the precious planet one).  I like that i can move it all around for her - upstairs, downstairs, by the bathroom when I shower, in the kitchen, etc.  Probably not as comfy as one of the cradle swings, but it served our purpose - especially since my older 2 never were very interested in it! 

    We used the swing as another place to put the 2 older kids down, but they definitely prefered the bouncy seat.  DD#2 loves to nap in it.  I swaddle her arms, give her a paci and turn on the swing.  She is asleep in a few minutes.  Since I use it for napping, it doesn't really replace me holding her.

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  • I have a Snug a Bunny as well.  DD loves it and I don't think it takes away from snuggle time.  It helps her sleep decently when she needs to.  She stares at the mobile a lot.  It's one of our most used baby items.

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