Switching from infant to convertible car seats.

Ok, I really hoped to get more time in the bucket seats, but nope. My 6 month old beasts are both a hair over 20 lbs and its just to heavy to carry those buckets when I am alone. So we are switching to convertible seats.

help me with logistics. Getting both kids to the car, buckled in, out of the car, and to the destination. Is an umbrella stroller with one and carrying the other going to be my fastest and easiest way? Any other ideas? 

Re: Switching from infant to convertible car seats.

  • I had a double "umbrella" type stroller. It fit in the car, through doorways, it's narrow enough that we could take it anywhere. Generally I would carry them two at a time to the car from the house, and then when we got to the destination, get out the stroller, get out one baby, get out the other.

    I have the MacLaren FWIW. I also had a double jogger but it was bigger and not great for everyday excursions. 



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  • I have a double sit and stand and i love it! I put my boys in their seats and snap the seats right onto the stroller .... grab the diaperbag and my purse and wheel them out to my car! It has been a lifesaver ... my back and hips are still killing me from when i used to carry both seats! Im getting ready to buy their convertible seats and when i have those ill just put the babies in the stroller and whel them out to the car ... put them in the car and then put the stroller in the trunk! It fits great in my toyota avalon and theres still room! GL!
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  • I carry them both.  It's not the easiest thing, but I carry them both out to the car, put one leg up on the door frame and balance a baby on my leg and against my body while I get the other baby buckled in and then put the other baby in.  I do the same thing in the opposite order when I take them out.  It's a juggling act but you get used to it.  We live on the second floor of a condo so there's no real easy way to use a stroller to help (unless I bring the stroller down and buckle one it, then go get the other, but odds are the first baby will cry and get mad when I leave her and I don't want to bother the other people in the building with that).  Now that they're walking I've started having DD2 walk into daycare while holding my hand but that's only started in the past week.
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  • baby carrier is a lifesaver.  it takes me 3 seconds to get one into the ergo on my front, then the other goes on my hip and out the door we go to the car.
  • I still have the buckets but they stay in the car now. If we are at my house I usually load one at a time or sometimes I will carry them both. The double stroller is way to cumbersome so I got those cheaply single strollers and BRU sells thingys so you can attach them together. If I'm making a quick stop I will carry one and push the other ( sounds hard but it's really not) if I'm shopping ill attach them together and throw the reusable grocery bags over the handle bars and load whatever I'm shopping for in that. Unfortunately I always get stares when I have the two attached. But when do goes with us we can each push one. So nice!! 

  • I'd get an Ergo too.
    Also, it depends on what situations you're in.

    Like I was able to park right in front of my front door (which opened into the kitchen). So I would put one boy in a booster seat/highchair just inside the door. Carry brother out and buckle him in, then come back for the first baby. (People also use a PnP just inside the garage, etc.)

    At the destination, it depends. If it's a store, I would try to find a double cart. Often the double carts were inside so I'd grab a single, put one baby in the front of the cart and carry the other on my hip till we got to the double carts. Or wear one baby in the ERgo and put the other in the cart.

    If it's a friend's house, if I was able to park close to the front I might carry one baby in, hand them off to my friend and dash back for the other.

    Most other places (like church, post office, etc.) I would use the double stroller. (I'm on my own with the boys on Sundays so I used the double stroller at church till they were old enough to not run off and get into everything if I had to set one down. In our case, that was 2.5.)

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