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What?s your part-time job?

A question that I (and I?m sure many others!) have been wondering about: For those of you who are working part-time, what kind of work are you doing?

Re: What?s your part-time job?

  • I'm an engineer and a project manager at a corporate lab/office for a manufacturing company. I work 4 days / week (80%). 

    Last year I worked 3 days/week M-W (60%), but it was stressful trying to always get everything done by Wednesday and then switch to "toddler time" for the other 4 days of the "weekend" so I changed to Mon-Thurs work schedule and its going better now.

    I proposed the 3d week to my boss while I was on mat leave with LO#2 last April and after a few weeks of consideration they agreed to it, with the option to review annually. We don't regularly have part time employees at my company and its not common in my professional field.

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  • I work from home for my old job well, 2 jobs ago a few hours a week doing drafting. I also work seasonally and part time doing taxes.
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  • I'm a lurker on this board...I'm an RN, I work 40 hours a pay period (2 weeks). Three shifts one week, 2 the next. I'm PMs, it's great for hanging out with the kids, not so great for sleep (but better than night shift) or for seeing my husband.
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  • I'm a nuclear medicine technologist

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  • Lawyer.  When I returned from maternity leave, we agreed to 60% work for 60% pay for 6 months.  We just extended the part-time deal for another 6 months, but now I am just being paid hourly for what I do- which is awesome, because no stress of meeting billable hour requirements.
  • I'm an engineer at a major medical device company. I tried negotiating part time work while pregnant with didn't get approved and I ultimately quit to stay home full time. A year later I got called upnand offered the deal.I wanted originally. I'm a 60%, pay, vacation, etc. Is all 60% off my fulltime contract. I am the only part time engineer in my office.
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  • I'm a legal assistant.  Although, lately I have been filling the role of Office Manager, until they find a replacement for that person.  They offered it to me, but I am not ready to go back full-time!
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  • I'm not working part time anymore, but when I was, I was an editor for a financial services and information firm. I worked 30 hours a week, down from about 50.
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  • Teach art at an elementary school. I'm officially "half-time", but end up being out of the house 6+ hours a day.
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  • I'm a project manager for an environmental consulting firm. I worked for the firm for 3 years before going part time, and have been part time for 6.

    In general my days in the office are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. But since consulting can be very hot or cold there are some weeks when I have to work from home also. Such as this week when I put in 50 hours on my "part time" schedule. Luckily I'm paid hourly though so I'm compensated if I work extra hours.

  • I used to be the Director of Human Resources at a healthcare org after having my LO decided to consult and have being doing so for the last few weeks. its perfect for me right now.

    Funny having graduated with my Masters last May 5 mos pregnant I could not envision I would have resigned, I mean I was ready to be a VP... But I love my LO and he will only be a baby for so long. Days are tough but I am enjoying every minute of him 


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  • I work in retail apparel. I've been with the same company going on 15 years, now. I've held so many different positions, varying in part- and full-time. Right now, I'm part-time, and I'll be working around 24 hours a week. I mostly cashier, but I could end up working in "Visual Merchandising", as there is an opening in my store and a shift in management. (Meaning, the new manager may want to hire for the position.) I'm mostly working for health insurance, because mine is so much better than what my husband's company offers. I go back from maternity leave tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness it's only four hours.
  • I'm a RN.  I work 2 12 hour shifts a week.
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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    I am an engineer.  I proposed PT work when I was pregnant with DS.  When he was 1.5 yrs old I got hired at a new company who kept my same PT hours.  I worked 3 days/week until DS was 2 and now work 4 days/week.  I get paid hourly, get paid for holidays that I'm scheduled, and after a year at my current employer now get 2 weeks vacation.  These are my only benefits.
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