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almost 11 many bottles and ounces of formula?

my family keeps telling us we are giving Sofia too many bottles...currently she takes 4 6 oz. bottles a day...some times an extra bottle if she wakes at night.....she also has 3 meals...too much?  what are your babies doing?
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Re: almost 11 many bottles and ounces of formula?

  • That sounds like what we were doing at that time. DS still has milk 4 times a day out of a sippy and drinks between 4-6oz at a time, with 3 meals plus snacks.
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  • my twins are about 11 months (10 months adjusted) and they eat 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with bottles and snacks in between their meals without bottles.  then they have a last bottle before bed, so four bottles that are 6 ozs each.  out pedi approved this food regiment so i'm thinking it's ok :)
  • Three meals with sippy, and then three 6oz bottles a day too.
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  • DS is 11 months 1 week and still gets 5 bottles a day - 6oz per bottle. He doesn't always finish all the bottles anymore though. We're working on the sippy cup thing. He isn't a big fan just yet... He also eats 3 solid meals a day.
  • 4 bottles 8oz however lately he isnt finishing them all. but that is what he is served. also three meals a day
  • My DS is 10 1/2 months old and at his 9 month appt his ped. told me to reduce is BM intake.  He gets 6 ozs in a sippy cup first thing in the morning and then he gest two 3 ozs during the day in a sippy cup (about 12 and 3)  and then a 6 oz bottle at bedtime.  He is also eating 3 meals a day. 

  • DD gets 4 6oz bottle and 1 3oz in sippy cup. Plus 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

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  • DS was still drinking between 24- 28 oz formula at his 9 month appt, and was eating tablefood, but not truly INGESTING most of the food he was given. Pedi told us that he was doing fine, and just watch his cues, but that based on DS being a chubba chubba (90% in weight. 70% in height), it was fine to cut back on his formula a bit. He said that most babies are down to 16- 20 oz by 1 year, at which point, he recommends switching to WCM as a drink, since most of their nutrients should be coming from meals at that point. 

    DS actually started weaning down the amount of formula he drank after that anyway; I didn't have to start giving him less. He just started showing more interest in food, and ate more, which left less room for formula. He's 10 months now, and drinks between 18- 22 oz/day now (usually 20), with 3 meals and snacks. (And water in straw cups). He actually doesn't even take bottles anymore, either. His formula is also from a straw cup. 


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  • Blythe turned 11 mths on Wed and she is on the same schedule. My pedi told me 24oz is the perfect amount of milk to ensure she is getting the nutrition she needs. She also has 2-3 meals and 2 snacks a day, with an occasional night bottle when needed.

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