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taking a bm after giving birth.

I am having the hardest time going to the bathroom. I gave birth on Tuesday and really had to work hard at getting it out. I have tried prune juice, stool meds, water and eating foods with fiber
.anything else I can do? I have no tearing in that area.

Re: taking a bm after giving birth.

  • Have you tried milk of magnusuim? It works great for me and stay hydrated
  • I had to take stool softener for several days for it to kick in and work.
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    I had to take stool softener for several days for it to kick in and work.

    Exactly. It took me a few days as well, and I don't do it often now either. I hate doing it, in fact. I admitted as much to a nurse who flat-out agreed with me.

    Just relax and give it time. 

  • I did an enema, it will change your life!  I had a suppository at the hospital along with a colace a day, I usually take two a day!
  • I had my c section on saturday and had my first bowel movement in the hospital 3 days later ... Holy crap (pun intended!).  It took about 40 min and had to take breaks and pull up my depends ( I feel the full visual makes the story lol) and walk in circles around my room until I felt some movement.  I was taking colace 2x a day and drinking plenty of water.  The dr suggested miralax to help the next one.   The colace alone did nothing for me

  • Milk of magnesia worked for me - I was desperate after five days post-delivery.  It still isn't easy, but it is slowly getting better.  I'm taking Metamucil every few days as well, just to make sure things keep moving.  Still taking my stool softener too.  It is a process!



  • Hi, I'm butting in on your board because I just gave birth this week as well (Sunday--baby girl was 4.5 weeks early).


    I didn't actually poop for the first time until last night (so 4 days...). It actually wasn't painful at all either, which I semi attribute to the stool softener they prescribed (doc-q-lace), but mostly I think it was because I drank 2 cups of coffee throughout the day. By the end of the night, I couldn't wait to head to the restroom (but I'm weird and didn't want to have the momentous occasion occur during a break in my grad class... I waited until I was back in the NICU room with baby to do the deed). Load off my mind (literally and figuratively).


    Good luck! 

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