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End of the month due dates..

Seems like everyone is due at the beginning of the month or has an induction/csection date for beginning/mid month.  I'm due at the end of the month so everything still seems so far away for me!

Re: End of the month due dates..

  • I'm due the 24th, but just the fact that tomorrow will be March makes it seem more real and exciting for me!! :)

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  • I'm due the 24th, but my 2nd was born at 36w4d, so I'm not sure what to expect. Even the doctor's gotten in my head about "going early", which makes me want to smack him since I'm trying to mentally prep myself for reaching my due date, just in case, and know there's no way he can predict anything. 


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  • I'll join you on the end of the month bench. Also, I don't feel like anything at all is happening, either (no B-H, no loss of mucus plug, no nothing).
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  • I'm due the 26th, but will probably have him the week before due to GD. Still seems so far away! I'm just trying to focus on enjoying time with my little guy before I have 2 little guys.


  • I'm due the 27th and it still seems so far away! Were having a CS for a second breech baby and it's scheduled for the 21st as of now but that's still 3 weeks from now! I want DD2 to be as safe and healthy as possible but I seriously can't wait for her to just be here with us!
  • I am due early-mid month but, I haven't had any symptoms that make me think this one will be here anytime soon. Still have my mucus plug, baby actually dis-engaged and is now a cm above being engaged. Our baby's will be here soon enough. 


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  • Due on the 28th... and seriously trying not to envy all of you due earlier. 
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  • I agree with PP. I'm due on the 23rd and I'm just excited that tomorrow it's March. It's not that much longer until our LO's will make their appearance. :)
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  • I'm due on the 22nd and will be full term at 37 weeks tomorrow. I have a feeling she is going to be late and not early.

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  • I'm with you on that. I'm due the 26th. I went today for my 36 week appt. She did the internal and said cervix is not only closed but still very high. Baby is also very high. So high that she couldn't tell if she was head down or anything. Uuggh. I know that doesn't mean too much and that's pretty normal I just feel like I'm going to be the last one to have their baby. Hopefully not on April fools day Lol!
  • I am do on the 30th, so  I have no idea if I will be a march mommy or an April mommy! No matter what I can't believe how close we are getting. I actually find it really helpful that everyone is a head of me because if something weird is happening to me I usually read about it the week or two before on here!
  • Due somewhere around the 25th...  Am trying to brace myself for the possibility of being an April Mom, even though I am ginormous now.  This is going to be a long 25+ days!
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  • My due date is the 25th and it feels so far away. 


  • image pukanecz:
    I am do on the 30th, so  I have no idea if I will be a march mommy or an April mommy! No matter what I can't believe how close we are getting. I actually find it really helpful that everyone is a head of me because if something weird is happening to me I usually read about it the week or two before on here!


    I'm due on the 30th as well! The only thing that makes me feel like this is getting close, is that my daughter has been head down for awhile (yes, I know it's still early and can change) and has been PUSHING on my cervix and bladder.  Starting to get some weird feelings and pressure down there.  Other than that... no BH really and I feel pretty normal, although sore.  Doesn't feel far away exactly... I mean it's only a few weeks!! Not sure if Aria will be here early though... or in April! 

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  • I am due the 24th also! So excited tomorrow is the 1st! feels like this has taken forever! But he needs to bake until the 20th at least!
  • I am due the 21st so today we are 37 weeks exactly.. I am counting the minutes. I just hope my water breaks so I know it is for real. I am hoping between this week and next week I can start to feel prepared.


  • like pp's said, i'm just happy tomorrow is March! i'm due on the 25th, and as of last week was 1cm and 50%. i'm having some bh, and baby has dropped, but there's no telling when this lo will make her enterance :)
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  • I'm due the 20th and now that there's only 3 weeks left I'm getting super antsy.  I have a lot of family with March birthdays and they're all hoping LO will be born on their special day.  My only hope is that she doesn't steal my anniversary date (24th)!!
  • I am due on the 30th. I went in yesterday and am 3-4cm 50% and was contracting every 15 minutes. Today, I am the same. BUT per my OB the baby is in "launch position" and because DD1 came at 37w1d, she thinks it won't be long. Of course, as she added "it's hard to predict these things."

    But yes, I do know what you mean, it feels like everyone will drop off like flies and there will be three left at the end of the month. 

  • I'm with you! i'm due the 25th. Been having crazy braxton hicks contractions the past few days. From what I can tell the baby's dropped, I always feel like I have to pee (almost like having a UTI). Can't walk around for extended periods of time b/c I have so much pressure. DS was born ON his due date. My current OB is very hands off and won't be checking me until about 38/39 weeks. I was surprised b/c he mentioned I can chose to be induced before my due date if I chose. I was surprised, and would obviously rather just have DD come naturally. Not sure if I'm dilated/effaced at all. Still working. Feeling miserable. No idea when to expect this baby. I have been measuring about 2 weeks ahead consistantly, however I know this may mean nothing. Dr. thinks baby will be about the same size as DS between 7.5-8lbs. Hang in there!!
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  • Due on the 30th and if she's anything like her big brother, she'll show up 1 day late making her an Easter baby :)  I haven't had an internal yet, so I don't know where I'm at, but I feel like she's going to poke her arm out and wave at me 1/2 the time so I'm interested to see what they say at my internal next week.
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  • I'm due 3/30 -- or at least that's the date I'm using as it was the first EDD given to me.  The drs use 3/31 for some reason -- but since it's 1 day it really doesn't make a difference.

    I've been having painful contractions the past few days -- 3 of which showed up on the 20ish minute NST today.  The dr came in, looked at the printout and said they were normal for this point in the pg. (I'll be in trouble if my water does NOT break before labor starts since I'm getting used to contractions NOT meaning anything)

    I kept thinking most of this pg that LO would be born between 3/1 and 3/7 and the dr thinks it'll be closer to 3/17 or later -- we'll just have to wait to see who is right. Wink

    FWIW, at the u/s today, they estimate LO to weigh about 6lbs1oz. which is just about where my older two were when they were born at 36w2d and 35w6d. 

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  • I'm due on the 31st and I too am excited by the fact that tomorrow is the 1st of march. I'm just hoping that she comes a little early or on time, i have too many family members that are born in the first 2 weeks of april :P
  • I'm not due till the 26th. I completely understand where your coming from on it seeming so far away. Look on the bright side though, tomorrow is March 1st!    :)
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  • i feel you.I'm due on the 22nd and there are so many birthdays for family, it's gonna be hard to miss them, there so close together.In the middle of it is our Anniversary on the 16th.But we discussed today inducing so maybe we will get to chose our date.

  • I'm due April 1, but started following this board because I was originally planning to have a RCS on March 22. I've since decided to go for a VBAC, so I guess I could technically end up in April, but I doubt it. My DS1 was 10 days early and I've been having contractions for weeks already.
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  • I am having a scheduled c-secion. At my last appt. the doc asked if I wanted to go the 29th or April 1. She is going on vacation April 2. I told her no way is she cutting me open and then LEAVING! The 29th will be just fine. We've kind of been all over the place but it will definitely be the last week of March.

  • i'm scheduled for march 28th, so another end of the month here.

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