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Baby's Heart Rate and Gender Prediction (Old Wive's Tale or Truth?)

So they say that a heart rate above 150 is a girl and below 150 is a boy.

My first daughter's heart rate was 180 at 8 weeks.

The new baby in my belly's heart rate is also 180 at 8 weeks.

How likely is it that this is another girl?




Re: Baby's Heart Rate and Gender Prediction (Old Wive's Tale or Truth?)

  • I would guess about 50%. ;) DS's heart rate was always above 150. Normally in the 170's. This time we are team green and the baby always seems to have a heart rate right at 150!
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  • We were opposite. DD always had a HR around 145. DSs was always 170's. I guessed he was a boy based on the fact that his HR was way different, plus I just had a gut feeling.

  • DS2's heartrate was always somewhere between 150-170. This LO's is always between 140-155. Both boys.

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  • All my kids had HR around 160-170.  I have 2 DDs and a DS on the way.
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  • I have no idea, but my MIL was having twins during her first pregnancy (she had no idea; they didn't do an ultrasound), and every time they did a Doppler, the doctor would make a guess on the sex based on the heart rate. He switched every time because he kept picking up both of them (one was my husband, and the other was his twin sister, so there was one of each sex). That doctor also told my MIL it was just one baby, even though she had an inkling of twins since she felt them in different spots at the same time...
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  • DS 1 was always above 150. DS 2 has been consistently under besides last week he was 166. 
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  • I think that it is just an old wives tale.  Baby #1's heart rate was usually around 150-160 bmp and wound up being a girl.  I'm currently pregnant with Baby #2 which is a boy and his heart rate has also been between 150-160 every time they listen to it.  
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  • Both my girls were always between 140-160.
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  • DS always had a high heart rate - always over 150. So it wasn't true for us.

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  • The opposite was true for me. My girl had a slower heart rate and my boy had the faster one. I would not use heart rate as a reliable way to predict sex. You see a faster heart rate when LO is wiggly, so it all it means is when the doctor used the dopper LO was active.
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  • True for me!  Both of my girls were always over 150 - usually in the 160s.  I am having a boy this time, and his is always 130-140.  Our ultrasound tech said there is some truth to it, but my OB says it's just an old wives tale.
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