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T&P's Needed and Appreciated

When I had my first ultrasound, they found a cyst in my right ovary, and it was thought to be a dermoid.  My doctor kept an eye on it and said that we wouldn't do anything with it until DS was born.  So last week, I had another ultrasound and blood work done in order to prepare for surgery to have it removed.  The results of the bloodwork came back, and one of the markers for cancer was on the higher than normal range.  It's still low enough where my doctor is optimistic that it's not cancer, but now there is a greater chance of me having cancer.  Because of the higher chance, my doctor does not feel comfortable removing just the cyst and will be taking my entire right ovary ... because if the cyst were to rupture and have cancerous cells in it, then it could be "really bad."  My surgery is next Wednesday, and I'm trying to remain hopeful that there's no cancer and that the worst thing that will happen is that my right ovary will be removed.  Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. 

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