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Bad night sleepers?

All of these posts about how others' babies have slept through the night makes me depressed and feeling like I'm doing something wrong. I rarely get a 4 hour stretch. My guy usually wakes up every 2 to 3 hours. Can anyone else sympathize? I need to know I'm not alone!


Re: Bad night sleepers?

  • How old is he? Mine just started this week having a stretch from 8pm to 12 am, after that he usually wakes again at 3 or 4. Good luck!
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  • Ok, mine is 8 weeks today. I found that he set his own bed time at 8 make sure your LO isn't getting overtired. I swaddle and feed him then he's out like a light. He still isn't technically sleeping through the night but we are making great progress, it is normal for them to wake a couple of times still!
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  • My lo is 7 weeks and in the same spot. I am trying to make sure she sleeps well during the day to improve nighttime sleep. We will see if it works.
  • I should add that before we hit week 7 he was waking up every 2-3 hours every night, you should hit a turning point.
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  • I've had I think 3 stretches of 5 hours, a few 4 but usually we're up every 2.5-3 hours still.
  • We're still up every 4 hours (he's 6 weeks).  Trying some new routines during the day in hopes we can get him into a deeper sounder sleep at night. 
  • Try every hour. Ugh. DS1 was exactly the same way. The only hope I can give is that he eventually ending up sleeping through the night at 13 months with no sleep training. So.....there is hope!
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  • I'm there with you. I can't believe all the lucky ladies with babies sleeping long stretches at night. I admit that I'm jealous.

    My LO turned 7 weeks yesterday and we are up every 3 hours at night. I had one glorious night last week where she slept for 5 hours straight, but there has not been a repeat. I try everything. I swaddled and turn on the sound machine, and she goes down easily, but wakes up like clockwork every 3 hours. 

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  • I can help you feel better... LO is 3 months (6 week adjusted) and since he came home on December 17th, I can count on one hand the number of times he's slept more than 3 hours... He typically only goes 2.5 hours between feedings (sometimes less).

    Also, probably 3-4 nights a week we are awake from 3-5 or 6... He's not upset, just wide awake.... Last night he wend down at 10:30 and woke at 1:30, 4:30 and 8:00 and it was heaven compared to what he's been doing!

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  • I hear you. An everyone always asks if she's sttn yet and it just makes me feel crappier. Between her reflux and eating every 1 1/2 to 3 hours, she's up all night and so am I. She usually sleeps about 5 hours mid afternoon to evening but I'm usually too busy then to nap :. Who needs more than 2 to 4 hours sleep a day?


  • Thanks ladies...I needed the reassurance!


  • My DD is 8 weeks and consistently sleeps a 4 hr stretch, then 3 hours the rest of the night. Of course the 4 hr stretch is from 711 so I'm awake for most of it. She's a big baby too so I was so hopeful she would be a good sleeper!
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  • My LO is kind of inconsistent. She is a month and just started sleeping in 3 to 5 hr stretches...but it takes a while to get her calm enough to do so. In the beginning I used to feel so discouraged when people would post about their babies STTN. I think I got so stressed and worked up it effected us both. My best advice is to try your hardest not to compare your LO to others. That is still hard for me but I'm trying! And just remember this too shall pass!
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  • If it makes you feel better, my DD is sleeping during the night but makes up ounces during the day... She eats nearly every hour on the hour, maybe an hour and a half once up for the day. It makes it really hard to get anything done and I am heads of those who get every three hours during waking hours
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  • Still every 34 hours here. I can't get her to bed before 10 and there is a whole bunch if crying before that :
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  • image Wild_flower25:
    Still every 34 hours here. I can't get her to bed before 10 and there is a whole bunch if crying before that :

    I'm in a similar spot as you.  DD wakes every 3-4 hours (every 2 hours during growth spurts :/ ), but she doesn't go down until 11 or midnight every night.  She will cat nap from ~8pm until she goes down for the last time, but nothing longer than 20-30 minutes before asking to feed again.  I'm so jealous of all the people who get long stretches of night and whose babies go down at a reasonable bedtime!

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  • We usually do her last feeding around 10ish. She catnaps before that. I live in Spain so maybe our bedtime is later than most. I would like to move it eventually to 8.


    She never STTN but she USED to sleep longer stretches. now she is up every 3-4 hours. The second stretch sucks. She only sleeps like an extra 2-3 and fusses for most of it. Plus, she is a slow eater and because of reflux we have to keep her upright for 20 mins plus. They are long MOTN feedings.


    Dont worry. It does suck but I am discovering that the good as well as the bad doesnt last forever. So basically until she sleeps fantastically for 2 weeks straight, I wont believe it. Plus, in the future you have teething, 4 month wakeful period, sickness etc. to deal with.


    But I also get a bit jealous.

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