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Baby weight?

How much does your LO weigh?

I know all kids are different, BUT my DD2 is so tiny! So much smaller than my DD1! My pediatrician was encouraging me to feed her more, but then she just spits up all day noon matter how slow I feed her. Shes in the 17th percentile for weight, crawling all over the place. I worry that maybe she isn't getting enough breast milk?..

What does your LL weigh?

Re: Baby weight?

  • My son only weighs 16 pounds and is only in the 4th percentile for weight.  My pediatrician said as long as he is steadily gaining weight not to worry.  Some babies are just petite.  He eats like a horse and isn't picky at all.  I really wouldn't worry either if I were you.  You have to take into consideration that a big percentage of babies are on formula and they tend to weigh more than BF babies.

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  • 26 lbs 3 oz  at 9.5  months...100th  percentile.    he is breastfed and Doesn't actually eat very much when fed regular food.    I'm hoping  he Will crawl soon so he can slim down a bit,  I've had wrist  and now hip issues due to carrying a heavy baby around.
  • 16 pounds 9 oz. 5th percentile. 

    7th percentile for height and 4th for head circumference.

     As long as she doesn't look malnourished, she is fine. Just going to be smaller. Especially if she crawls round a lot. My son is very active, and weighs less then normal, but he's fed just fine, he I've has a little gut on him, he's just going to be a small kid. 

  • 18 lbs 1.5 oz 29.5 in tall, skinny and active. Dr was concerned at first but since her weight stays in the same prencentile she isnt worried anymore.
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  • DD is 21 lbs and has been consistently in the 90 to 95th percentile for both height and weight. I think as long as your LO isn't dropping percentiles she's probably fine, especially since the charts were developed based on formula fed babies, who tend to be bigger than EBF babies.

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  • image ceteichm:
    18 lbs 1.5 oz 29.5 in tall, skinny and active. Dr was concerned at first but since her weight stays in the same prencentile she isnt worried anymore.
    this is pretty much my 9 month old. 18.5lbs and 29.2 inches long.
    He actually hasn't gained since his 6 month appt, but he crawls all over and is very active.
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  • Just over 18 lbs at her 9 month appointment about a month ago. 50% percentile.
  • At his last appt 2 weeks ago at 10 months DS weighed 23 lbs 8 oz. He has actually lost a pound since he started crawling.
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  • 20 lbs 11.5 oz and 27 in long here.
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  • Do you know which percentile chart your dr uses? The new WHO ones measure bf and ff babies around the world, while the older ones are just American babies that tended to be ff.
    Either way, as long as your LO is consistently in the same percentile range I wouldn't worry!
    My little man was 23lbs and 29in at his 9 mos check up. According to charts very avg, according to his 18mos clothes he's growing like a weed lol
  • I'm bad and forgot the 9 month appointment but Lucas has been in the 25% for weight 90% for height for months. My oldest never was above the 15% and my middle has been constant around the 20% until he hit 2 years old then he was at the 40% for weight but the 80% for height.


    Some kids are smaller than others, beside with the rates of childhood obesity rising and those kids being factored into the % it's not a bad thing not to be the high in the %

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  • DD#2 is a peanut- 15 lbs 4 ounces (2nd percentile).. DD#1 was 17lbs 1 ounce (12th percentile) at this age so I'm not too worried.
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  • DS is off the charts! He will be 9 months tomorrow and we get offically weighed tomorrow but my ghetto version of weighing him (me & him on the scale together) said he was about 28+ LBS.  He eats both food (anything we will give him) as well as 4 bottles a day.  I wanted to bf in the worst way but could not keep up my supply with his demand at first.  So our little guy is formual fed!

    Is it certain foods that affect her stomach that cause her to spit up or is is all food?

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  • DD was weighed yesterday. 14 lbs 10 oz She's always been small, (3rd percentile) but I'm trying really hard to make sure that she eats lots of yogurt and avocado etc because of the good fats. Poor little girlie was just diagnosed with pnemonia... so I've been giving her some of the puree sqeeze packs to make sure that she doesn't lose weight. She is super active though and meets milestones. They didn't chart her weight in terms of percentiles. She's always been 3rd percentile and from looking at the WHO charts online, she's in 2-3rd percentile now.


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  • 16lb 11oz at pedi this morning, 20 percentile on my docs chart. Small just like her parents : eats all day long but never stops moving. 3 or 4 feedings at the breast, 3 5 oz bottles of bm at daycare, oatmeal and fruit at breakfast, jar for lunch, table food at dinner.
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  • DD is tiny and on formula.  She was 14 lbs even and at the 50th % for height at her 9 mo appt.  The pedi isn't worried b/c she has gained a little for each appt. 
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  • DD was 19 lbs 11 oz at her 9 month checkup. I think she was 27 inches.
  • He will be 10 months on Mrach 3rd.  He is 23lbs 5oz and I forget his height.  He is in the 95th percentile for both so he's a big boy.
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  • Thank you, all !!

    I feel much better about my daughters small size now that I'm reminded that all baby's are different!!

    We're not sure why she spits do much. My DD1 had reflux so maybe DD2 has a little too.

  • LOL double digit percentiles is great! DS#2 is in the 1% for weight and 20 something for height.  He is only 16lbs.  He is a peanut and it is not due to any medical issues.  Both my boys are small and I think it is genetics and no matter how much I feed them they are going to be lean and short.  
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