plenty of wet diapers but slow weight gain

Hello everyone! I'm new here. My little guy is 2 weeks old. He lost about 13 of his weight in the first week, going from 8 lbs 4 oz to 7 lbs 3 oz. A few days later he weighed in at 7 lbs 9 oz. He's breastfeeding really well and often. At his 2 week appointment though today he had only gained one ounce since last Tuesday. I'm frustrated. He's had plenty of wet and poopy diapers and seems satisfied after he eats. Has anyone had this happen? The doctor is having me supplement with formula after each feeding. Any thoughts on why this could be happening??
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Re: plenty of wet diapers but slow weight gain

  • I think your best bet is to make an appointment with a lactation consult ASAP for a weighed feeding and to evaluate his latch.
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    I think your best bet is to make an appointment with a lactation consult ASAP for a weighed feeding and to evaluate his latch.

    This. And if you are supplementing with formula, you need to be pumping every time you give a bottle so that your body gets the signal to keep making more milk. 

    I would ask your pedi if instead, you can nurse every 2 hours for a few days and see how that goes with the weight gain. It sounds like your LO gained well in the first few days and is now averaging out.  BF is going to be better for your supply than pumping.

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  • Yes your first step should be a visit to an IBCLC lactation consultant for a pre and post nursing session weigh in on a very accurate scale to see how much baby is capable of taking in at the breast and a check of latch and supply. 

    You say there is enough wet and poopy diapers, but are we talking 6-8 wet and/or pooopy diapers or are we talkig 10-12?  6-8 is minimum and means baby is maintaining and doing ok, but 10-12 means baby is getting PLENTY.

    If it's on the low side the FIRST Thing you do is increase the frequencies of feedings like suggested.  Feed every 2 hours around the clock from start of one feeding to start of the next feeding. do that for at least 24 hours and then re-evaluate.  has # of diapers increased? how long can you do every 2 hours without going bonkers?  Ideally you'd then go to every 2 hours during the day with a 3-4 hour stink at night and maintain the same diaper count or really close as your supply increases to meet this level of demand.

    With the right number of wet and poopy diapers I'd be hesitant to reach for formula.  As most likely baby will begin to grow here really soon as they hit the 3 week growth spurt and all will be fine with the world.  In the meantime I would nurse on one side as long as possible, using breast compression and massage to get more higher calorie hindmilk into baby and keep baby interested longer. the burp well for several minutes and offer side #2.  sometimes baby is a bit sleepy and not nursing as effectively as they should or long enough to get the hindmilk which is necessary to pack on the pounds.

    If you really want to supplement because that is what dr said to do, then do so in a breastfeeding friendly manner.  Meaning, give SMALL amounts, maybe 1 oz every time you feed baby.  use a feeding device such as a supplemental nursing system (to give the milk AT the breast), finger feeder, cup, spoon or syringe or eyedropper to avoid bottle preference.  if you use a bottle use a premie slow flow bottle nipple, feed slowly with a break after 1/2 oz to burp and switch sides.  After giving the supplement, pump to try to get that much milk for the next feeding, pump for 5-15 minutes after the milk stops flowing to signal a higher milk supply.  then use what you pump for the next supplement.  when you are consistently pumping at least 1 oz every time to replace the supplement amount given, you ca begin to just keep baby at the breast longer so they are nursing the milk out instead of you pumping it out and monitor weight gain.

    speaking of monitoring weight gain, I would suggest a reweigh in soon.  when you get a weight reading that doesn't seem right, or in line with the prior weigh in, you should evaluate is this the same scale as last time, are they both accurate scales, is time of day different(We weigh different at the end of the day after a big meal than we do in the first thing in the am after a big poopy).  and then weigh in again to be sure it wasn't a fluke.



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