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CoCaLo Perfect bum???

I just purchased some CoCaLa PerfectBum's from BRU's they were on clearence so I figured it will add to my fluff Im ordereing this week. Has anyone tried this brand? TIA

Re: CoCaLo Perfect bum???

  • Yeah! I had a size small one that was super cute and I actually really loved it which surprised me. I bought it for the cuteness and used it for its function. I never had a leak, even with super messy poops, and I like that there is no unstuffing. The insert seemed to work as well as any of our other microfiber diapers. I would definitely buy more for the next baby.
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  • I got one just for cute factor but also really liked it. It was not the best with runny NB poo, but otherwise it worked well for us.


  • I'm a sucker for a matching set - but it looks like an awful lot of plastic (on the interior of the diaper) is touching baby's skin.  Am I misunderstanding the design?
    The word you're looking for is SEX.  I promise.  No, it's not gender.  It's sex.  You're welcome.
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