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S/O Easter Candy...

What are you putting in LO's Easter Basket?  I am thinking of putting in her favorite snacks, stickers, a book and maybe a few other little toys.  No candy, she has not had candy or chocolate yet.


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Re: S/O Easter Candy...

  • Sounds like you've got it all figured out! 

    I haven't given much thought to this yet.  Probably a small book and maybe something crafty like playdough if I can ever find a spare moment to make some.  I don't like to have a bunch of little stuff around.

  • Definitely bubbles. She's obsessed with them. A stuffed animal, those plastic eggs with little toys or stickers in them.
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  • A mix of mostly toys/little stuff with some candy mixed in.  Last year we did a beach toy/towel theme for her basket because we had her first beach vacation planned that summer, but this year it'll be standard.  She's very into Mickey right now so I'm hoping to get her some Mickey coloring and sticker books, a little bit of art stuff like play-doh tools, and bubbles.  I'll buy some of my favorite candy for DH and I to eat and sprinkle a few pieces in her basket :)


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  • All I've got so far is a couple whistles from Target. I need to get on with it.

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