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Dreaming of Birth... Exciting! Terrifying!

I had a super vivid, lifelike dream that my water broke and I went into labor.  At first I was super excited - finally, I'll get to meet the kiddo!  But then the realities of everything I still have left to do overwhelmed me.  This has served as a great kick in my pants to get my bag packed, finish washing all of the baby clothing, etc.  And a nice long list of things that need to be taken care of at work before I punch out for a while.  Not glamorous, but I'll feel more prepared.

Anybody else feeling the excitment/terror dichotomy? 

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Re: Dreaming of Birth... Exciting! Terrifying!

  • I had a dream that my water broke and I couldn't get my husband to wake up to take me to the hospital =(  I've also dreamed that at a doctor's appointment, they told me I had already had the baby, but I couldn't remember having her.  I think crazy dreams are just part of it! I'm very excited, but also pretty nervous about being a FTM.

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  • Yep, definitely feeling both excited and frightened! But I think as I get more and more uncomfortable, the more that excitement is the predominant emotion.

    I had a birth dream a few days ago that I went in to labor and we were at the hospital. They told us we could pick our room and my husband couldn't decide which he wanted, so we just wandered the halls. . . 

  • I think it's funny (and cute!) that my DH has dreamed about the birth of our baby for the last two nights. I haven't though. Although last night I was up pretty much every hour, on the hour, for the whole time I was in bed. I kept waking up and thinking "this is the longest night ever!!!!" I was tired but I couldn't stay sleeping. And then as morning approached I kept thinking about my water breaking and with every move I was checking to make sure it hadn't. I think it might be because last night I realized that we pretty much ready for LO to arrive that's ALL I could think of as I was trying to sleep.
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