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Toddler bed transition =big fat fail.

DS...18.5 months climed out of his crib. Bummer bc I was planning on him sleeping in if until kindergarten. We transitioned him and it went really well the first 2 days. Then he figured out he could escape. And now it takes him 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep and we are putting him back in 20 times at every nap and bedtime. He's always loved going to sleep but now it's a game. Any suggestions?? Please!! Also, DD is 8 weeks so this is really awful timing. TIA!

Re: Toddler bed transition =big fat fail.

  • Is he leaving his bed or bedroom?  When we transitioned DD to her toddler bed around 15 months she did well the first couple of days and then she realized she had freedom and started enjoying it.  Every time we put her down to bed she would jump out and play for awhile.  As long as she was quietly playing in her bedroom we let her be because she would fall to sleep within a half an hour.  After a while the fun wore off and she started going to bed when we put her to bed. 
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  • We are securing his dresser tonight and letting him play is our next thing to try. Normally he just goes to the door and cries for us though. Also I feel like that takes away from "bedtime is for sleep". Ya know?
  • How long has it been?

    I will say the first 2 weeks was HELL for DS2.  Ugh.  But it does get better.  We did the "super nanny" way (google it) and it does involve some attention on your part---sometimes placing him back in several times, but they ultimately give up.  LOL

    I would also make sure you have a gate at the door and also a night light in the room.  In fact, the first couple of weeks we left on a brighter night light, but now only use a dim one.

    I let him take something small to bed (usually he likes to hold on to books)--but not necessarily play with anything other than the stuffed animals that are in bed.  I don't want him running around his room.  So far so good.

    Have you included him in the bed situation--like choosing a nice blanket, special stuffed animals, etc etc?  Every child is different, might work.  

    I also make sure to use the same routine as we did with the crib minus the rocking part--- we read before bed and I always end with the same book so he knows what is coming up next.




  • my boy will be fifteen months and sleeps w us', we put up his toddler bed but havent tryed because he still breast feeds all thru the night


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