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XP: My planned homebirth turned unassisted birth

I posted on my BMB around 2:30 last night that I thought I was in labor.  Shortly after I posted here I decided to call my midwives.  Contractions were anywhere between 5-8 minutes apart and not very consistent, so my midwives wanted to wait a little longer to come.  Big mistake!

My BFF (who is also a doula) showed up after 3:00.  We timed contractions for a bit and I decided to take a shower.  By the time I got out of the shower the contractions were 2 minutes apart and very intense, so I called my midwives and told them I wanted them to head to my house (they are 1.5 hours away).

I should have known I was in transition when around 3:40 or so I couldn't get comfortable.  I was starting to tell myself in my head that I was crazy for doing this and I should go to the hospital and get an epidural - the usual telltale sign for me that I am complete.

DH only had the birth tub 1/3 of the way full at that point and I didn't care.  I thought I was going to die if I didn't get in.  Once I was in the water things are kind of a blur.  My mom showed up at some point before 4:00.  DH was trying to get the temperature of the tub right for me by alternating buckets of ice and hotter water.  

Then out of the blue my water broke and I yelled that I had to push.  The midwives weren't there yet, so we called and they coached us through the birth.  My mom kept talking loudly with the midwife and at some point I yelled at her to shut up and take the conversation out of the room.  People kept trying to touch me and I was like, "get your hands off of me".  It was like mama bear just took over and I felt like I was better off all alone to deal with it.

My body took over the pushing and I never even had to bear down.  I could feel the baby moving down and my pelvis spreading, and I just gripped the sides of the tub and breathed with it.  I was so in control, which was the exact opposite of my previous pushing experiences where I was yelling I couldn't do it and screaming.

I was on all fours in the tub when I felt the baby's head crowning.  That was the first time I actually pushed.  One push and her head was out.  I yelled for someone to catch her and then with another two little pushed I got the shoulders out.  At 4:27 Elizabeth June was born and I flipped around to hold her.

I stayed in the tub until the midwives arrived (about twenty minutes after the birth) and then moved to the bed to deliver the placenta.  Elizabeth started nursing like a champ right away, which made the afterbirth pains quite intense.  They get worse with each baby and at one point I asked if I had another baby inside of me because the contractions felt that painful. 

I feel so blessed.  Elizabeth was entirely worth the long wait.  She was born one day shy of 42 weeks.  8 lbs. 15 oz.  20.25 inches long.  No tearing.  I couldn't ask for a better birth experience.

I've been resting in my bed since this morning and enjoying watching my older kids come in and out of the room to admire their newest sibling.  It's just been the best day.  I am so lucky!

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