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GTKY: Tattoos

Do you have one?  A couple?  Several?

What are they?

Do they hold any sentimental value?

Do you want more?

PIP your tattoos, or your favorite one.



Re: GTKY: Tattoos

  • I have 3 tattoos. 

    Two are small and black ink.  One is a shamrock on my hip.  The other is a quote on my right foot with a heart beside it - it says "One step at a time".  My third is bigger, but not huge or anything.  It's a bird carrying an olive branch.  It's black with some red, green, and white ink as well.  I'ts my favorite.

    The only one that holds any sentimental value is the bird.

    I want one or two more.  I have an idea for my next one - I want the EE Cummings quote from the poem, that says "I carry your heart with me, (I carry it in my heart)" with my wedding date and DD's date of birth underneath it.  I think I want it on my right side, but want to lose some more weight before I get it.

    Here's my favorite one:



  • image Scout2005:
    I have three stars for my first three losses on my back. I want to add the last two and then put two elephants holding trunks under the stars to represent DD and DS.

    Love this.



  • image Scout2005:
    I have three stars for my first three losses on my back. I want to add the last two and then put two elephants holding trunks under the stars to represent DD and DS.


    Love this! 

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  • I have 3. A "tramp stamp" [oops!] of a sun with the om symbol in it, a Japanese style wave on my foot, and a nautical star on my hip. My fave is the wave. the ocean is my happy place and i got it during a rough time in my life.

    I'd love a big piece on my ribcage but I'm not committed enough to it yet and there are more important things I'd rather use the money towards. Some day.

    Scout, your tattoo sounds beautiful.

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  • Poppy I love your bird!  I don't have any pictures but my favourite is a phoenix I have on my back, it's pretty similar.

    I also have my maiden name and vine around my ankle and a dove tramp stamp.  I want to get something symbolic of my daughter and my husband, something Hawaiian, but I haven't decided yet.

  • Do you have one? A couple? Several?
    I have 2.

    What are they? A nautical star on my left bicep, and a pretty good sized octopus on my right ribcage.

    Do they hold any sentimental value? Nope.

    Do you want more? Yes. One more. A scripture on my collarbone.

    PIP your tattoos, or your favorite one.

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  • I have a sugar skull with wings on my back. I'm waiting until I'm finished breastfeeding and after the summer to get the rest finished. I want a rainbow that comes off it and wraps around my body to my front hip. On each of the color strips I want to add important dates (Wedding date, DD's birthday, etc.).
  • Do you have one? I have 11...

    What are they?
    Chinese symbols for 'forever love' for my aunt who passed away on the middle of my back
    A tramp stamp of stars and some line work
    A good luck thing on the back of my neck
    Moon on my foot
    4 butterflies on the inside of both ankles
    Bumble bees on my wrist
    'Love life' ambigram on my other foot
    'Love like you'll never be hurt, live like its heaven in earth' on my ribs. Arm pit to hip
    'Shh..' On my pointer finger
    And LOs foot prints with 'I love you to the moon and back'

    Do they hold any sentimental value?
    Some do some don't.

    Do you want more?
    Yup. I'm planning a colorful half sleeve.
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  • image poppyseed1017:

    Do you have one?  A couple?  Several? I have one right now. Its a "tramp stamp" I got it when i was 18.

    What are they? It is a black butterfly with like a pink swirl on one side and a blue swirl on the other. I was 18 when i picked it out but i forget its there all the time.

    Do they hold any sentimental value? nah.

    Do you want more? yes i want DD's name and birthdate on me somewhere and possibly 2 more.

    PIP your tattoos, or your favorite one. no pics sorry:)

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  • I have 1, tramp stamp style... I love that I did it Big Smile

    I helped design an icthus (Jesus fish) intertwined with a treble clef sign. 

    They represent my Christianity and my love of music.

    Yes I plan to get one more (as of now) on my foot or ankle.  It will be cherry blossoms (DH called me cherry blossom/CB when we were dating cause I wore that lotion all the time, it was sweet) and a cursive "e" for DS.

    I don't even know if I have a pic.  I forget it's there most of the time.

    He's looking so grown up these days!!

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  • One and it's the only one I'll ever have - not because it hurt, but because I only wanted one.

    It does. I'm a planner. I hate surprises and unexpected happenings in my life. SO is the complete opposite and just goes with the flow. He has told me constantly, for the past nine years that we've been friends/together that "whatever will happen, will happen." We were going through a rough patch and had broken up for a whole three days a few years ago and I heard this song by Doris Day. It instantly reminded me of him and I had to have it. It's a nice reminder to myself to just ease up and not worry so much.

    This is the day after:


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  • I have 2.  My first is a large Cross, wrapped in grapevines on my lower back.  at the time it was the only place to put it where it wouldn't show in any performace attire (was a vocal performance major).

    my 2nd is on my arm, is in Latin and Translates to "Live rationaly, but Love with Pasion".

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  • I have one lower back tatoo. It is a butterfly made from a tiger's face. I was in my first semester at an English University almost 12 years ago. I was hanging out with a group of other American girls. We all got our tatoos within the same week. It is sentimental because we bonded by being young and away from our homes I was 22.

    I don't really think about too much anymore. I can't believe sometimes that I did it.

    If I got any more, they would most likely be something to do with my kids.


  • I have one: a Pisces symbol on the back of my neck. I got it spontaneously one day after work in the summer of 2008, so it doesn't really have a whole lot of meaning. It's just my Zodiac sign. I got it while DH and I were dating and he was so upset he almost broke up with me. So I guess I won't be getting any more, even though I want more. I'd get a daffodil, chrysanthemum, and poppy on my foot - the birth month flowers of me, DH, and DS. I'd leave room for one more flower/child. Here's a pic of mine. Boring, I know: 

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  • I have 2. A rose on my right shoulder that I got when I was 18 because I thought I was bad ass. Hate it.

    My second one is on the inside of my right ankle. It's a Japanese symbol for "together" and my two best friends also have it. We got them together and it was so much fun!

    I'd like to get a small lifesaver tattoo somewhere on my body to represent my brother who died from suicide because the lifesaver is a symbol for suicide prevention.
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  • I have three tattoos.

    This is between my shoulder blades:
    It means a lot to me. Hakuna Matata means no worries, obviously! I got it during a rough time.

    This is on my right calf:
    It's my tribute to Bob Marley. I can put the song "Three Little Birds" on, and instantly feel more calm. Those are my three little birds.

    This was my first tattoo. I got it when I was 14. It's a tramp stamp:
    It was a spur of the moment thing.

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  • This is my left forearm. The words are from The Gaslight Anthem's "Blue Jeans and White Tshirts" and the orange symbol is from The Hold Steady's "Stay Positive." The boat is from Gaslight's first release, if you can call it that; it was on the stickers they made and out on the demo CDs that they put together and handed out.


    Below it on my wrist is the simple text "forgive[n(ess)]" which I came up with. Forgive, forgiven, forgiveness.


    Right forearm, the title of Gaslight's first full album.



    Once I am 1.) not breastfeeding, and 2.) have money, I will continue filling up my arms. I need a lighthouse on the other side of my left forearm, in the same style. 

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  • I have no tattoos, nor will I ever get one, but I love this post and seeing everyone else's!  I especially love anbeck's and poppy's on their feet!  Very nice.
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