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What's for lunch?

My stomach is growling so loud!! Or maybe it's a baby crying in there? Do you think I am pregnant? LMAO - just kidding. But, what's for lunch? I have potato soup and crackers. I am actually quite excited to eat it, but I have 2 hours until lunch. I have seen the what's for dinner posts, and thought I might ask about lunch. I need some ideas for healthy lunches.

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Re: What's for lunch?

  • I am eating a ham & cheese sandie as I type. I also have some caramel mini rice cakes and a fiber one bar. Your soup sounds delish!

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  • I'll be having hummus and mini pitas, baby carrots, and a string cheese. It's what's in the fridge. ;D

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  • I am boring and trying to cut back on carbs. I'll be having turkey, pepper jack, and celery. I have a fiber one bar for an afternoon snack too.

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  • Roasted chicken Mexican wrap.

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  • Left over pizza and girl scout cookies.  I am a beacon of health.
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  • I love the chocolate caramel pretzel Fiber One bars. Yummy.

    I'm starving and I just got home from school. I think I'm going to make a breakfast burrito and use up yesterday's leftovers.

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  • Turkey and cheese sandwich with chips and salsa.

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  • We did Shabu Shabu at home for dinner last night and we turned the extra broth and ingredients into a fantastic soup for lunch and dinner - and then failed and forgot to set a timer to put it away after it cooled. Now I have to go buy lunch.
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  • I had packed broccoli and cheese sauce (1 or 2 WW points) and 14 vegetable soup not knowing about a birthday and retirement lunch today.

    I had chocolate cake for breakfast and Sonny's BBQ chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad for lunch.

    :) Mmmmm


  • I'm craving crap food today.  Lol.  But I'll try and be good and eat soup or something.

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  • image bornmommy:
    Left over pizza and girl scout cookies.  I am a beacon of health.

    Ha I'm with you! I'm having leftovers from Chipotle and girl scout cookies.


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  • I had a turkey, swiss and spinach wrap, some rice crisps and a banana.
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  • Tomato soup. Just trying to decide if I want it plain, with sour cream, or velveeta.
  • I think I'm going to have a baked potato.  I'm "working from home" due to the snow and should probably turn on my work computer sometime soon.
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  • turkey sandwich, greek yogurt, applesauce & yogurt covered rasins. My appetite has gone crazy with all the running I've been doing.

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  • image jschwind22:
    I think I'm going to have a baked potato.  I'm "working from home" due to the snow and should probably turn on my work computer sometime soon.

    I just heard a commercial on the radio that watching a movie on your laptop is still working as long as there's a spread sheet up. ;)


    I had leftover kung pao chicken from last night... my stomach is not thanking me.

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  • I brought two lunches today because I feel like being a fatasss. Lunch 1 I finished around 10 am, it was a salmon cake with spicy black beans. Now I'm eating Lunch 2 which is tuna salad on crackers. Later tonight, I am going to bake myself a cake and cry like a boss.


    Lots of stuff has happened between then and now.


  • I have a sad looking cheese and veggie sandwich and a granola bar and some carrots and snap peas.  I've also been grazing on the secretary's candy jar all morning Tongue Tied

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  • Ham sandwich, wheat thins & an apple
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  • Leftovers from one of our favorite CA-style take-out places we had the other night.  Chicken Marsala Penne (gluten-free pasta).  I am addicted to this stuff - they have the best marsala sauce I have ever tasted.
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  • I had a meeting at noon.. and wasn't sure how long it would last.  So I made some easy mac before going in.  Quick and easy. 

    Now I'm drinking some hot chocolate.  It's cold and rainy here today.

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  • image bornmommy:
    Left over pizza and girl scout cookies.  I am a beacon of health.

    I have followed your beacon. Left over pizza here as well.

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  • Spicy black bean veggie burger and steamfresh brown and wild rice with carrots and broccoli. LAME



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  • Whole foods salad bar. Good excuse to buy some bromelain tabs, too.
  • Turkey sandwich with those new wheat this toasted chips. They are REALLY good.
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  • Veggie dogs Oo-La-La, as H calls them (that's when you melt some cheese on the bun first - mmmm!).  
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  • I had leftover turkey pot pie. So good!
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