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Advise please

Ok so I've been up every hour. Cramping and peeing. Lost my mp on Saturday morning and I'm 38 and 5 days along. Not feeling normal at all. Is this normal or early stage of labor? Also, how did you feel before water broke? Any symptoms?

Re: Advise please

  • Sounds like it's early stages of labor.  Water didn't break until I was pushing so I can't help with that one.  Good luck, Mama!
  • I've been having the same issue....although I have not lost my mp. I'm 37 weeks today and really do not feel normal. Hope somebody has some advise! 
  • Welcome to late pregnancy/pro-dromal labor.  Enjoy!
  • I had been having menstrual type cramps and diarrhea the week prior to my water breaking. 
  • The night before DS was born I was up all night on the couch bc I couldn't sleep. Sounds like it could be!
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  • Could be the early stages of labor.  The peeing might remain although the cramping might just be mild contractions or turn into contractions... Just check to see if they are timable.  As far as your water breaking - it's weird because with all the pressure and poking i feel from the baby you would think ok - she's gonna rupture that bag any second, but no!  When your water breaks there is no warning or prior feeling of any sort... It just feels as if you've been holding in your pee all your life and all of a sudden it just all decides to come out at once (or could possibly trickle out little by little).  


    With my first it was a huge gush with no warning - contractions started hours later.


    My second it didn't break until her head pushed out (BTW - with my second I was up every 1/2 hr peeing and having cramps - they turned into strong contractions by 6am from the night before), very similar to what your experiencing.


    My third was contractions all through the night into the following morning. Dr.'s broke my water at the hospital.


    Hope this helps and good luck!!! 

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