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Seventh Generation

OK, so the Seventh Generation diapers I get from Target have "lorax" across the waist & fit LO fine. I ordered the same size from & they came plain across the waist & every poop is like a major blow out that requires a wardrobe change. I just went up on size, so I can't imagine she needs to go up again.

 Anyone noticed these diapers fitting weird? I've also gotten soft nice wipes from them & then I seemingly buy the same ones & they are thick & hard. Am I cracking up?

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Re: Seventh Generation

  • not the same diaper brand, but got Natures Best in store and fit great. Got same brand and size from Amazon and nothing but blowouts. ... Compared diapers side by side from the seperate purchases and the ones off of Amazon had significantly longer tabs ... I think they were seconds, like when you go to the outlet malls. One of the reviewers had complained about the diapers from Amazon on the reviews. Now I read the reviews closely.
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  • Seventh generation added the lorax to the newer diapers. I got some plain ones on closeout at grocery Outlet. ..I have not had issues with them but I do think the quality is lower. I'd contact seller and see if they'll work with you
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  • We had the Lorax ones and had blowout after blowout. Just switched him with his next size up, hopefully this brand is better. 
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