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How many times a day does your 3 year-old pee?

DS turned 3 at the end of November and has been potty-trained for a couple of months.  Since he's been PT'd I've noticed how infrequently he pees.  He wakes up dry, goes in the morning (usually only after several reminders), and usually only goes 1-2 more times a day.  He seems to drink a normal amount...can this be normal?  I guess I anticipated that once he was PT'd he would be running to the toilet all the time or something!  How many times a day does your LO go?
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Re: How many times a day does your 3 year-old pee?

  • My son is a little over 2.5 He has days where I'm surprised by how little he goes. The other morning, he went when he got up at 7, and didn't go again until almost 1. I don't know if they hold it longer because they want to keep playing, but I've definitely notice times where he doesn't go much. I'm guessing he goes maybe 4 times a day on average? He doesn't always wake up dry though - he goes through stretches where he is dry in the morning, but weeks where he wakes up wet as well. 
  • If DD wakes up dry in the morning(about 50% of the time), she will go once in the morning, before nap at 1, late afternoon, and before bed - so 4 times?
  • Girl has a bladder of steel. Sometimes she doesn't go on waking and it may be 9 or 10 am before she pees. Usually, though, it's on taking at 7, maye around noon, then maybe afternoon sometime and I have her pee before bed. So probably 4 times on average. I really never have had to do the constant reminder thing. Even on road trips she is a trooper in the pee department.

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  • all day long. like every hour- two at the absolute most. no lie. it's crazy how much she pees.
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  • I think on average it's about 4-5 times a day (including a wet diaper at nap time most days). 
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  • Like most others, DD pees about 4 to 5 times a day.
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  • My son usually goes about 4 times a day and I usually have to make him go. He never wants to go when he wakes up in the morning even though it's been about 12 hours since he last went, so I don't make his breakfast until he's gone. He would hold it as long as possible if I let him, but it just doesn't seem good for him to hold it that long so I make him go.

    When he really has to go he'll go without me telling him too, but that doesn't usually happen unless he has to poop. He tells me he doesn't like going peepee, but he loves going poop. I don't really understand the minds of 2 year olds.
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  • DD loves to drink throughout the day.  She drinks milk for breakfast, diluted apple juice for lunch and dinner, then water in between meals and snacks.  I always have a straw cup filled with water for her on the kitchen counter.  She pees probably about 10 times a day! 
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  • DD is 2.5 yo, and I think she goes less than I do at this point. She goes right away when she wakes up, again sometime in the morning (this is usually because she has to poop), before nap, after nap, once more in the evening, and then right before bed.

    A couple of those, like before nap and before bed are because I force her to try. I'd say 4-5 times a day is average.

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  • My DS will be 3 in a few months and he goes about 6 times a day.
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  • I make sure he goes as soon as he gets up, then usually around lunchtime, after nap, and before bed.  He might go once or twice on his own in between.  I worry he will get a bladder infection because he holds it so long.
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