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So I went to the doctor today and according to the due date I was first given. I'm not due until march 27th. I always said that was too late. Today my nurse said I was 36 weeks. And then my doctor said 37 on Wednesday. I didn't realize until I was telling my husband. I am calling tomorrow to see if my due date changed

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  • I have had a few ultrasounds due to some issues and everytime the tech tells me a different due date. I am sticking with my date of March 29th and I hope thats when LO arrives. The other two dates I was given were March 22nd and April 4th so I figure I am not too off.

     The nurse maybe rounded up? Or your doctor misread the date? Those are always options too. But I think I would want to know too.



  • Baby can measure different stages throughout pregnancy... Usually your due date doesn't change from your original dating ultrasound. It's the most accurate. I'm 36 weeks with a DD of march 29 but at 33 weeks was measuring 37. I had another ultrasound to see if baby was big but it was all okay.
  • Stick with your original dated ultrasound you had in the beginning. If I went by what they said now my baby would be born "early" to them, because she is measuring small. But I know the exact day I conceived so I know I am right.
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  • I thought the original date was wrong. I was marking when we were having sex so I could know. According to my calculations te latest I could be due was march 22nd. I spoke with the office girl today and she said my date shows as march 20th. So we shall see
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