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Get pains down below are those considered contractions as well or is it just in the abdomen area?  I was walking through Wal Mart yesterday and I kept getting pains down below and some of them made me jump and some just made me stop in my tracks, they hurt...my husband stated I was walking like I had something stuck up my butt....

Re: When you....

  • I usually just blame the baby!  It seems like at times she just hauls off and whacks me in the bladder or intestines. 

    I don't know for sure if it can be something more.  But I've had those pains randomly for many weeks and have had pre-term contractions for 2 weeks and to me they are very separate pains and not, in my mind, connected.

    Of course, if they are timed and in a pattern then it may be something more than the baby playing in there!


  • Hmm..I haven't had contractions before so I can not tell you if that is causing any pains, but I think you could be experiencing "lightning crotch". I know that has made me jump and cringe.
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  • My OB asked me if I was getting sharp pains in my vagina because it could mean stuff is happening (effacement and dilation) so maybe that is what the pains are?
  • How far along are you?  Sounds like lightning crotch.


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  • image InkedMegs:
    How far along are you?nbsp; Sounds like lightning crotch.

    38 weeks
  • I can't tell you for sure, but it sounds like LO knocking up against your nerve endings. It can be oh, so painful, and make walking a chore.
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  • Being a FTM I'm unsure if it is considered part of labor (as in, preparing for labor) or just baby hitting nerves, but oh! do I feel you on the pain... I've had BH that stopped completely last week, but lightning crotch has been a strong trend since the second trimester. Don't ask me how or why, my overly sensitive private area is keen on reminding me it exists.

    If contractions are half as painful as that crotch situation, I might be a wuss and cry the whole time. It's a definite possibility. 

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