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Hand Sanitizer

The institutionalized use of hand sanitizer is going to make us weak as a species.  We are not giving our offspring the opportunity to develop strong and robust immune systems. Moreover, I don't want to put that chemical crap on my kid.


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Re: Hand Sanitizer

  • I think the same thing can be said about anti-bacterial hand soap.  I only use hand sanitizer when I visit a hospital or clinic.  Otherwise I don't think to use it.  I wash my hands when cooking, after using the restroom, or changing a diaper. 

    Other than that I don't give much thought to germs. 

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  • Agree! I have a hand sanitizer in the diaper bag in case I need to change LO somewhere I don't have an oportunity to wash my hands. I don't ever have LO use it. If I pick up an antibacterial soap it's not because of that fact, but because it smells good lol

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  • I wash when wise, I only sanitize when I'm unable to wash. I don't go crazy about it. Never have, and I have a pretty good immune system. So far, Ds seems to too. Again, he only get sanitizer if we can't wash at the moment. Sooooo... Twice in his life so far.
  • I don't use it with my toddler. I wash her hands when needed with a soap that's not anti bacterial
  • ditto all of you. I deal with the public a lot and occasionally feel the need for a good sanitizer rub-down, but on the whole I never use the stuff. We bought a bunch when our first baby was born and I ended up throwing most of it out a couple years later. We're alive.
  • i wish my ILs would get this. They obsess with washing hands and using hand sanitizers and attacked a boy for not washing his hands before playing with their grandson. Guess who is sick all the time... Yeah...
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  • I have used it with DD when she was younger but have since decided to try to avoid it. I wash her hands before eating or after she touches the cats when I remember (which is rarely) and if we are out I try to use a diaper wipe on her hands to wipe off dirt, because it's usually the only thing I have on hand. I don't use it much myself and don't get sick often. We make sure to buy soap that is not anti-bacterial, and this is on purpose.
  • I guess I'm the odd duck out lol. I use hand sanitizer constantly while I'm out. I usually try to use wet ones on ds but will use hand sanitizer if that's all I have. I got the one that is kid friendly from BRU but who knows how much better it is than the regular stuff. Ds has only gotten the sniffles once so far so I don't if its coincidence or not but I feel better using it.
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