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BabyKJ's Baby has arrived! (long post)

I have been MIA for a couple weeks because Baby Carter decided to arrive 3 weeks early!!! My water broke at 6am Sunday November 2nd and Carter was delievered via c-section at 11:39pm that same day. I had to have a c-section because I never went through pre-term labour (to thin my cervix) and therefore I never progressed beyond 1cm. They gave me some oxytocin to speed things up but the baby didn't respond that well to it. We were in the hospital until last Wednesday and have spent the last week getting to know eachother! I absolutely love this little guy and can't believe that he is already here!

Words of wisdom...

If you haven't packed your hospital bag...DO IT! I figured I had at least a week or two before baby would come so my plan was to pack my bag and prepare the bed (incase my water broke in bed) on the exact day I went into labour!! I also suggest to take toilet paper with you to the hospital! The stuff they have scratchs like a SOB and I didn't even deliver vaginally!!! There also wasn't any tissue at my hospital so I would pack a box if you think you will want it!

Here's a link to pics of my labour and delivery if you are interested in seeing them:


Re: BabyKJ's Baby has arrived! (long post)

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