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If you have Kaiser, what is the process for concerns over infertility?  Can you just call the dept and make an appointment or do you have to be sent in through your dr.? My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant, with no success.  Today I saw a report (again), that Paxil can decrease sperm amount.  My husband would like to have a SA and see if there is an issue before going off the medication.  Thanks for any help.

Re: Kaiser Process

  • It is reported that Paxil causes 5-10% of impotence in men.  So,  you would have to weight in your options about maybe having your DH to take something else?  However, he shouldn't stop taking paxil abruptly, it should be titrated and definitely you would have to notify your physician before taking this action.  I would make an appt w/ your primary physician to discuss this issue, and he/she would usually direct you to the specialty that you should be seeing about this.  HTH.

  • I don't have Kaiser anymore, but we used it for their fertility program with great sucess and now have a happy, healthy 14 month old with one on the way!

     Kaiser's fertility program is AMAZING!! You won't find anything more detailed and organized through your insurance. That said, you have to follow their process which is very mapped out. Call and make an appt with their infertility group. They will then schedule you for an orientation with a group of people and in that orientation they go over exactly how everything works from the office hours down to the tests being conducted. I experienced a miscarriage, endo surgery and a healthy birth through Kaiser so I've been through it all and they were wonderful. I can't say enough good things.

    Get on the phone and make an appt ASAP with them! You will want to get in on their program soon because like I said, things are mapped out and you can't just get in and order things that you want, you have to follow their process so to speak. Trust me, in the end it makes sense and is worth it!

     Good luck to you! If you ever have any questions feel free to page me.

  • P.S. We joined their infertility program in May of 06 and had a sucessful pregnancy by Dec 06 and delivered our baby Sept 07. So it didn't take that long considering everything we had to go through. We tried on our own for a year and 1/2 before going to Kaiser.
  • Thank you for the info.  I am going to call today and start.  The info I have read about Paxil is that it can prevent ejaculation.  We do not have that problem.  But now the reports are mentioning sperm.  Thank you again!
  • I am currently going through the program and it has been nothing but amazing. It is like a complete different Kaiser. Everyone is super nice and more then willing to call you and answer any questions. It is more one on one compared to any other department of Kaiser. It is a waiting game with different procedures and tests they due but it is worth it to get answers.

    I wish you and your hubby the best of luck.  

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