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First Food...

What was the first food you had baby try? Did you mix it with breastmilk or formula? Did you start with rice cereal? When did you start?


DS is three months old this week so I know we are still a little ways from starting food but I wanted to start collecting information on what others have done.  


Re: First Food...

  • We just started last weekend with rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Our LO was excited about using the spoon and be mirrored our excitement about the process, but 90% of the food landed on his bib, face or around his Bumbo. But it was fun and now he has a little every day, once a day. We are adding a new food once a week is sweet potatoes. Most people say you can add once every 3 days but we are holding out to make sure there are no allergic reactions. I'm super allergic to a lot of foods.
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  • We did avocado mixed with formula.  We are going to try sweet potatoes next followed by some green vegetable (probably green beans). 
  • Baby's first food will be egg yolk :) I'm pretty much following wapf recommendations.
  • Our pedi recommeended rice cereal mixed with breastmilk.  We waited until 6 months and feeding has been going really well.

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  • She's been eating avocado for about a week. Just mashed and served. 


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  • We did BLW, no allergies or concerns, so we did avocado and sweet potatoes. Within a few weeks I was giving her all kinds of things and we didnt wait in between foods. If I was going the pure route, is still start with avocado.

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  • I know they say you can skip the cereal, but we started with rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. Next will probably be bananas or sweet potatos mixed with breastmilk.
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  • We tried out food yesterday to see if it was a good time for DS. It's not quite the right time, so I'm going to hold off a little longer, but...

    We started with peas mixed with breast milk. I won't be using any rice cereal at all. I think the next time we try solids it will be in at least another month. 

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  • Avocado with breast milk first. Loved it.

    Sweet potato with breast milk second. Loved that too! 

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  • We started with applesauce (unsweetened) and that went over pretty well. Next we tried oatmeal which he rejected even when mixed with formula. This week we're doing avocado which is going great and he's actually swallowing about 75% of it. In a couple days I think we'll move on to banana.

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