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Gift to older sibling from baby?

I thought it might be cute to buy a gift to give to my DD "from" the baby. DD#1 will be a couple weeks shy of 3 years old when this baby is born. I'm having trouble coming up a gift idea though. I thought about something like a "Build a Bear" but I'm planning to have DD#1 make one for the baby. I also thought about doing a baby doll, but she got an American Girl bitty baby for Christmas and has a lot of small accessories already (diapers, clothes, stroller, etc). Jewelry might be fun but I worry about her losing/breaking it. Any suggestions?

Re: Gift to older sibling from baby?

  • when my brother was born, he "got" me a stuffed cat -- I still have it to this day :)
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  • My 2.5 year old really likes Toy Story so his little sister got him a Woody doll like the one in the movie.  I know he will love it so I thought it woud have the most positive reaction from him.
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  • We got my SD a necklace and bracelet. She is a little under 3 and a half. She has some cheap stuff the stuff that comes in the cheap dress up sets and she does ok with those. So we got a Stella and dot necklace and bracelet. .. not overly outrageous but not cheap to where its going to break really easy. ..

    I think it will be special and make her feel like s big girl. .. I hope at least
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  • Try to get something that will keep her busy. Books, a movie, etc. I have found that is most helpful.
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  • We decorated a picture frame and have that to our just turned three year old when his little sister was born. We took a picture of them together and put it on the dresser in his room. He loves it. This time, we have activities to give, like puzzles for my now almost five year old and color wonder stuff for my not yet two year old, but will probably do another picture frame for each of them after the baby is born.
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  • We're not doing a gift "from" the baby, just a Big Sister present. If there's a particular thing she's into, just get her something from that. We got my DD a My Little Pony toy since she loves that stuff at the moment. 
  • I was about that age when my brother was born. My parents gave me a life sized baby doll.

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  • image ShawMich:
    Try to get something that will keep her busy. Books, a movie, etc. I have found that is most helpful.

    This.  Something she can do independently.  Legos, puzzles, "solitaire" games, etc. 

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  • I would say a really soft and adorable stuffie. That way she can hug it and love it and sleep with it.

    And I really like this idea. I have a LO who will be 7 yrs old when this LO is born in June. A gift from the baby to my daughter would be a really cool thing.

  • Maybe a little baby carrier so she can wear her baby if you wear the new baby. Both Becco and Moby make mini's for children to wear dolls.

    We've been doing a lot of mimicking play with DS1's baby doll so that he's used to the activities of a baby and how to touch a baby (i.e. so he doesn't poke baby in the eye). If he were a little older I would definitely go with a carrier so we could keep up the pretend play.


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  • We have a graco baby play set to give DD. it has a stroller, crib, high chair, etc. I figured DD could "take care of" her baby while I take care of DD2. We are also moving into a new house like 2 weeks before my due date and I am planning on getting her a kitchen for the new play room. This should also give her something to play with by herself. Hopefully. Lol
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