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My baby is a week old today :)

Today my little Cilla is a week old and she continues to do very well, thankfully. They have started to wean her off the cpap (a mask that goes over her nose and delivers pressure to make it easier to breathe basically). They bumped up her feed amounts and so far she is tolerating it and has been slowly but surely gaining weight. I also found out that her head ultrasound was perfectly clean with no bruising or bleeding in her brain (common with premies) and her ventricles look normal-YAY! I got to hold her for an hour again today, which was amazing. She is back under the bili lights because her bilirubin levels are elevated, but the nurses assure me its common for premies to need them off and on for the first couple of weeks. I honestly am so incredibly in love and could just sit by her little isolette and watch her all day long :) Thank you ladies for the continued support and well wishes. You all have been so great!
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