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Claire is here!!!

Better late than never but baby Claire arrived 2613 921 ish weighing 8 lbs an 20.5 inches.

That morning I woke up with contraction but nothing significant. We cleaned up and went to the mall hoping to speed things up. Went to my appointment at 415 by 445 we were getting settled in labor and delivery. On arrival I was between 5 and 6 but closer to a 6. At 530 my ob broke my water and I was at a 7 ready with consistent contraction about 4 mins apart. By 630 I was an 8 and I asked for my epidural, although contractions were not bad at all I just had a feeling I should get it. This time I still felt pressure with some contraction where a last time I felt nothing. At 845 I was complete but little one was still high so they let me labor down till about 905 then the nurse said we try a practice pushy then about 10 mins later we did another "practice" push lo started to crown so they tried to have me hold it which did not feel good at all. Major burning and I was very happy I got the epi. 2 mins of panting it out and the nurse said forget push so she delivered with out the doctor. The official hospital time says 921 but my husband says 918.

Lo is healthy and happy and we couldn't be more in love.

Sorry for the horrible punctuation I'm on my phone.

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