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How truthful is the wives tales about sex?

Ok this is probably tmi but after we had a wonderful nap this afternoon, my BF and I ended up having the best... Um..."time" we've had in a long, long time, it hasn't happened that naturally in a while but anyway ever since I've been incredibly "nesty", I've done several sinks of dishes, cleaned the living room and a couple loads of laundry plus I also have more energy than I've had in months! I just wondered could this be just because of the nap, the sex or am I getting closer to going into labor? I'm 37 weeks and 6 days and have had irregular contractions for a month now but am only fingertip dilated and haven't lost my plug yet! I'm actually hoping anything holds off until next weekend because of another giant blizzard heading towards my area and my BF can't get off work during the week! So my question is... How factual is the wives tale about sex starting labor?

Re: How truthful is the wives tales about sex?

  • I heard it's pretty accurate but everyone is different. It sounds to me though that you're nesting :)

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  • Sex doesn't start labor, but sperm does a great job at softening/prepping the cervix for good labor/dilation. Plus, an orgasm is uterine contractions, so it can start a chain reaction if your body is ready. :-)
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  • I've done tons of housework, taken several 45 min to an hour walks, am dilated to a 4 and nothing is going on. I've had the irregular contractions for about two months now and I've been dilated since 36, just progressing each week. I've also lost my plug twice and had my membranes stripped twice. The only thing I haven't done is sex and here I sit.

    You could honestly have weeks left or just a few days, there really is no way of knowing. Hopefully your LO will wait out the blizzard!

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  • I've had on & off spurts like this for weeks now... still pregnant with no feeling that she is coming anytime too soon.

    In my personal experience, I always feel like crap (like.. sick/fluish feeling almost) up until the moment I know I am in active labor.. and then I get a major energy spurt from adrenaline.

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  • Last night we went to L&D because we weren't feeling the baby. The doctor said before we left to get labor going, have lots of sex and semen helps. She was encouraging it! My actual doctor though said nothing helps not even sex, so I guess it depends on the doctor and their opinion. I hope it works after today ;)
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