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Anyone worried about getting to the hospital on time?

A cousin of mine had her second baby this week. She apparently was having mild contractions all day but nothing that she was concerned about. She finally decided to go into the hospital fully expecting to be sent home. Well, once she got there, baby was born about 20 minutes later. No time for an epidural or anything! I have another cousin who had a similar story and ended up having her second baby in the car on the side of the road!

So I'm getting a bit scared. I know second babies come quicker and I'm hoping that we get to the hospital in time to A) have the baby and B) get an epidural! DH works 45 minutes away and then when I do go into labor, there will have to be enough time to get DS to my parents house as well. I'm just kind of freaking out that my labor will be too fast for all of that! Anyone else have these concerns? I usually don't stress about stuff like this, but it's been occupying my mind a lot lately!

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Re: Anyone worried about getting to the hospital on time?

  • When I start worrying about something like this, I figure it's time to make a contingency plan for it just in case.  Once the plan is made, it becomes easier to relax.

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  • Sort of. Depending on traffic (since we live in the city and there is pretty much always traffic) it could take a little while to get to the hospital. My main concern is how long it will take someone to get here to watch DS, since we live nowhere near family and the (few) friends who could possibly watch him will likely be at work, etc. 

    Last time I went to the hospital and basically started pushing ASAP, but I was sort of going for that whole laboring at home thing and didn't have the added worry about finding care for DS (and I figure as a STM it will go even quicker). 

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  • Sometimes I get thinking about that, but then I remember the ridiculously long labor I had with DS and figure even if it was way faster than that, I'm betting that it will still take a while.  I'm 40 minutes from the hospital, so my plan is to not wait too long before heading in once strong contractions start (depending on whether or not I'm at all dilated leading up to that point).  I doubt I'll wait until 4-1-1 this time around.
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  • Yep! I had preterm labor, so maybe my body was more prepped, but went from feeling like my normal self to water breaking and outside baby in 3 hrs. 1 hour of that was in the car.

    I hope the second doesn't come faster!!! My midwife told me what to do if she's born in the car...that was an "oh geez" moment lol
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  • I'm a FTM but have this worry bc my doctor said due to LO's position once my water breaks we need to get to the hospital ASAP. DH is a police officer so he may be on a call and/or far away from me. I've made a back up and back up back up plan. I have neighbors and friends that live close and they know DH's work schedule so they have offered to get me to the hospital if DH is too far out. I live sort of in the boonies so an ambulance would take waaay too long to get here.

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  • This is one of my biggest fears, lol. With my first two, I drove all of 10 minutes to get to the hospital to delivery (and actually passed another hospital in the process).

    This time around, I'm 30 minutes from the hospital, DH works 20 minutes in another direction and our baby sitter is 20 minutes in a completely different direction. Assuming I call DH right away (he'll likely have our only car), it'd take him an hour just to get home and get our girls down to the babysitters. So, an hour of waiting just to leave for the hospital, plus the time it'll take to get there. Eeks!

    With the flu epidemic, we can't even just take them with us in an emergency/worst case scenario. Well, we can, but they're not allowed into L&D (recovery, yes; L&D, no) so DH would have to stay in the waiting room with them and I'd be on my own in L&D.

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  • Our LO will be going to L and D with us. Once cleared that we are staying I will be calling my mom to come get her.
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  • There is no point getting worked up about something like this. Chances are that you will get to the hosptial in plenty of time. If you don't it will work out! The stroies you've heard about, aren't they all alive and well? Life in general is just not predictable...
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  • Despite having pretty short & easy labors, our hospital being an hour away, and this being my 6th baby, I'm actually not worried about this at all. I've never come close to not making it to the hospital and in the event I don't get there in time I'm pretty confident in myself, my body, and my Dh to help baby be born safe & sound. :)
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  • Sort of. The hospital is only like 5 mins.away, but I run an at home daycare where I'm the only adult so I'm worried about the parents getting here in time I cut down to only two families that I know the parents can get here but I'm still nervous that it wjll happen too fast for them to get here and my dad to get here to watch DS.
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  • If your labor is so mild that you don't make it to the hospital on time, my guess is that you'll survive without the epi!

    Seriously, though, it's all going to work out. Read about what to do if you don' make it, and then relax and know that you most likely will.
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  • The hospital isn't far, but I'm planning a natural birth so I want to spend as much of it at home as I can.  However, I'm not worried!  I read that if birth happens so quickly you end up birthing at home or in a car, that it just means that everything is working SO well that there are likely to not be any complications.

    Good luck!

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  • I am somewhat worried-- I had to be induced with DD#1, but she still came in less than six hours from start of induction. DD#2 came less than two hours after I got to the hospital. We live about forty-five minutes from the hospital, depending on the time of day and traffic.  

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