Pregnant after 35

Guess who decided to come early!

So, my BP spiked last Monday.  Ended up being admitted for observation for a few hours.  Was sent home and told to have a nurse check on Tuesday for BP and protein in my urine.  BP was still up, but no other issues. So, I was allowed to drive home pack a bag and then headed to the hospital for an induction (we has an induction scheduled for a week later).  We got there about 3pm.

I was already at 2cm, and the pitocin got me to 3cm by 8pm and contractions were building and getting closer.  Things looked like they were moving along pretty good.  Got an epidural at midnight so I could sleep and then everything slowed down.  No further dilation past 3cm and at 8am the decision to have a c-section was made.

Maximilian Gunder (pronounced Goon-der) aka Max arrived at 8:57am at 37 weeks exactly.  He was a whopping 8 pounds 9 ounces and 21.25 inches - pretty big for being early.  He was bigger than most if not all of the full termers at the hospital.  He had some low blood sugar issues for the first 36 hours and he is being watched for jaundice but he is doing great.  He stayed with us the whole time - nothing was serious enough to warrant a visit to the NICU.  We came home Saturday afternoon and are still working on getting the house ready.  so thankful that my parents are here to help!

 I'll try and figure out how to post a pic soon. 

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