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Anyone switch from nanny to daycare?

If so, please tell me about your experience.  At what age did you switch LO?  What made you decide to switch?  Are you happy with your decision?  Anything I should consider or think about or that I should know when considering whether to make the switch?

I'm thinking about switching my LO in a couple of months to daycare.  It would only be for about 3 days a week as either DH or I are home on the other days. When I was pregnant, we were initially going to go with daycare and found a daycare we liked, but LO had IUGR and was slightly early so we decided to go the nanny route.  Our first nanny seemed great at first, but then we had to let her go because we found out she was smoking on the job...and had lied to us about being a smoker.  When we went to look for Nanny number 2, I wasn't really ecstatic about any of our options.  Part of the problem, I think, is that we only need someone part-time and I think some of the better candidates want (and can get) full-time.  We hired someone, but it has only been 2.5 weeks and already there are problems. I won't bore you with the details, but basically there are transportation issues she didn't tell us about in the interview (and we asked), I feel like she is not following my instructions/wishes (despite doing a training day, putting things in writing and talking to her about it on more than one occassion) and she not only doesn't do any housework, but doesn't even seem to pick up after herself so my house is dirtier when I come home than when I left it in the morning. I know there is no childcare that is going to be completely without problems, but I feel like with daycare there is more supervision and it would be significantly less expensive.

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Re: Anyone switch from nanny to daycare?

  • We switched from a nanny to daycare when DS was about 19 months. There were several factors in our decision, such a change in my schedule to a normal 40 work week. However, I felt our DS was lacking on socialization and overall attention in our case. It has been a great transition for us. He has really thrived in the new environment. The first couple of weeks were tough, but it got better.
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  • We switched at 7 months old when we moved back to our old home and I went back in the office.  We found an excellent daycare at an old Goddard School site. He went to other activities with the nanny during the week (kindermusik for infants and babygarten) but he still needed more. So he currently gets to interact more. I'm still very involved in his day to day care by monitoring his daily report and ensuring he's getting similar if not the same care and attention. He's really good he can play on his own or in a group happily now so I'm not AS concerned with him being neglected with the federal/state 4-1 ratio in an infant room. 

    Above all. If you don't like how infrequent your child has been changed, or fed do NOT hesitate to state so the next time you drop DS off. And don't ever hesitate to change if you feel that you need to.  

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  • We switched from a babysitter to a daycare.  She was 10.5 months old at the time.  She did really well with the transition and I'm happy we made the move. 

    The only thing I'll warn you about is they get sick a lot in the first year.  After that, their immune system catches up and they are good. 

    Good luck!

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  • We switched 2 weeks ago, LO is/was 18m. It's been a rough adjustment for him, because at his age he is used to certain people and routine. Whereas a younger baby can sometimes be more flexible.

    We started looking at DC because H was worried about socialization, and were forced to switch when our nanny decided to move out of state to pursue a different career path.

    FWIW we are p/t which I've heard leads to a longer adjustment period for the LO. I am hoping that this week, third week, gets better for him.

    There are tradeoffs to both, while it's nice to come home to a clean house I also get home later, and leave earlier, due to daycare pickup. Now a few days a week I have to get LO dressed/out the door with me vs. letting him stay in his pjs and the nanny gets him dressed. But LO gets to go to the gym or outside everyday at daycare and interacts with his peers. They have more toys at daycare then we do at home.  And yes, we are saving some money.

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