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No movement at 17w4d

I felt it by now with the first....starting to make me worry a tad since my A/S is in 2 weeks. I was feeling good heavy fluttering by 20 weeks last time.....and light flutters by 16 weeks and change.  Just looking for some reassurance.
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Re: No movement at 17w4d

  • Nothing for me at 18 weeks either (FTM), but I've gone in for heartbeat checks multiple times and he/she is still doing whatever it is that baby is doing in there. 
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  • Still nothing for me. 19wks
  • You could have an anterior placenta. I had that with my first and didn't feel much movement until 20 or 22 weeks. I have my a/s on 3/6, so I don't know where my placenta is this time, but I've been feeling movement since about 15 weeks. The anterior placenta definitely dulled some of the early movement.
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  • I felt some flutters for the past week, and then a few days ago the baby went nuts and was kicking harder for like 15 minutes, and I've barely felt anything since.

    I have a doppler though and I listen nightly....trust me, I hear a LOT of noises going on in there, it sounds like the baby is break dancing, swimming, and doing somersaults all at the same time, but I am barely feeling any of that.  Every pregnancy is different and it's still pretty early to be feeling much of anything at a constant rate.

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  • I'm 20 weeks with #3 and just now starting to feel some movement.  As in today.  I asked my doctor about it yesterday after my A/S and she said to not worry.  That it'll happen when it does.  She said she tells everyone about 22-23 weeks is when you should be feeling movement.
  • I'm 19 weeks tomorrow and only just started feeling flutters this past week.  I don't think there's anything to worry about.  

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  • Even though you may have felt them early the first time it seems like you are worrying way too early about it. Don't stress about it and look forward to seeing your LO in two weeks at your A/S.
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  • Try to relax (easier said than done I know).  With DS1 and DD I felt them around 15, 13 weeks, respectively.  I didn't feel DS2 until 20ish weeks due to an anterior placenta.  This LO I just started feeling more consistently in the last few days...and what's funny as they checked at my ultrasound and I do NOT have an anterior placenta.  Baby is just REALLY mellow. Maybe try drinking ice water or juice and lay on your side, but unfortunately all you can do is wait for your ultrasound as it may confirm an anterior placenta or position of the baby.






  • I still have no flutters, 19w. FTM, so unsure of what to expect, but eagerly awaiting!
  • Regular movement is not a health concern until Third trimester.

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  • I'm a FTM, but I didn't feel anything until 19 weeks. 

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  • I am 18wks 4days and I'm not sure if I've felt anything either. But I have a Doppler so I get to here it's heart beat, so I know he/she is still keepin on. Your placenta also might be in the front this time causing you to be unable to feel the movement. Good luck girl and keep us posted. I find out what were having march 8th!!!
  • I thought the same thing at 17 weeks but I'm 19w2d now finally feeling him move kick regularly.
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