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Eczema help

We noticed a rash all over DS's body about a month and a half ago. Initially it was diagnosed as dry skin but two days ago when we brought DS to the pedi for something else, it was diagnosed as eczema, which I figured it was. We were prescribed a steroid ointment to apply to the worst areas and are now limiting bath time to 10 minutes tops. I just got some Aveeno baby creamy bath wash last week and we also use Eucerin cream on him. So far nothing seems to really be improving it though I am sure it will take time and I'm hopeful he will grow out of the eczema. In the meantime, I was wondering what treatments others have tried that you found helpful?

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Re: Eczema help

  • Go see a naturpathic doctor. They typically are very skilled in treating this and are usually covered by health insurance. That is how I cured mine. They are GREAT for chronic conditions such as this. GL!

  • Sometimes eczema is related to environmental allergies or food allergies. A dermatologist will never agree with you on this though. Anyway, you do not have to limit bath time, actually.Just make sure, the water is not too hot.Water is good for his skin.

    As soon as LO gets out of the water, apply steroid and Aquaphor all over his body.Then apply moisturizer such as Vanicream or CeraVe. No Aveeno. Aveeno has oats which can actually be drying or even irritating to some.If you live in a warmer climate, you can skip the Aquaphor step.You have to work fast.You want to seal the moisture. Eczema is a b***tch.You need to be aggressive and moisturize LO at least twice a day as well as use the steroids for 5-7 days,even if it seems that the rash is gone.

    Vanicream and CeraVe are recommended by allergists and honestly, they do work and protect the skin.I tried everything...

    Good luck! 

  • So do I apply the steroid and Aquaphor before drying him off at all? Doc said to pat him dry and not rub dry. Is it better to not dry at all before applying the ointments/creams?
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  • I second the Aquaphor. You want to pat him dry, the skin should be very slightly damp (clamy feeling). Aquaphor is similar to Vaseline and wont rub into the skin if wet. We had two children with eczema and this worked very well.

  • Sorry, yes as PP says, pat him dry.
  • DD2 developed eczema as a newborn. I was already dairy and soy free, because she's milk and soy protein intolerant. So I decided to cut nuts out of my diet too, and her eczema was gone a week later.

    As pp mentioned, eczema can be related to allergies. In fact, eczema, allergies, and asthma often go together.

    If you haven't changed environmental factors recently [laundry detergent, shampoo, soap], I'd play with LO's diet, and see if that's the culprit. My niece has always had terrible eczema, and was just diagnosed with a wheat allergy. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • Aquaphor helps my son the most. I put it on the worst areas (thighs, elbows and shoulders) immediately after the bath. Sometimes I do baths every other day, and I try to keep the water very luke warm. The warmer it gets, the more irritating it is to the skin.
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  • Something I had to deal with my whole life up until I became pregnant. Not sure where it went. lol. But unfortunately my daughter started getting a problem with it. Using non-scented soaps and lotions and clear and free laundry detergent could make a difference. This worked for my daughter especially. Scented soaps irritated it worse. In the winter the dry air could be an irritant so I would put cream on it to keep the skin from getting too dry and itchy especially after baths. As for the summer since it's coming up, sweating and humidity could also be an issue so try to keep them dry (and check behind the knee) and pat dry. And pat baby dry after baths rather than rubbing. Hope this helps. :)
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  • Extracting natural aloe from the actual leaf did wonders for my child's eczema. Within a few days it was clear. I was very impressed by this natural remedy. I tried aquafor and it actually made it worse. I didn't want to move to steroids because of discoloration to the skin and so my ped suggested aloe. I have recommended it for a few other friends and they all had successful results.

    You can watch youtube videos on how to extract it. The best part is, not only is it natural but it cost about $2 for a leaf and that lasts you for at least 2 weeks.

    Hope this helps! 

  • Recently, we've had good luck with Mustela Stellatopia Milky Bath Oil and Moisturzing Cream. We use the bath oil instead of soap, pat him not quite dry upon getting out of the tub, and then slather him up with the lotion. We also use Aquaphor on the bad patches several times a day. If he's really itching a spot, I'll put some hydrocortisone ointment on that spot.

    Bath water shouldn't be too hot. Don't use products with fragrance or dyes, including laundry soap. Don't use dryer sheets -- and not just on your son's laundry, but for the entire family. The residue from scented detergent and dryer sheets builds up and gets on everything. 

    Poor kiddos! Hope your son gets some relief, soon.  

  • I have dealt with this all my life and my DD got it from me. This is what works for us.

    The only soap we use it Dial or Dove the white bar or the Dove sensitive skin body wash. This is great because it helps add moisture to the skin. I was prescribed a cream for DD but wanted to try to find something non prescription.

    I started bathing her daily. This really helped. Some people say different but it has done wonders for us. You don't want water to hot. After bath, I do not put lotion. To any red areas I put hydrocortizone or Gold Bond brand anti itch cream. This is so she doesn't scratch at night because she used to due a lot of damage in her sleep. This has been great. In the morning I do use lotion on her. I can use Vaseline, Lubriderm.

    There have been other brands but this is what has worked the best for us. I only got minimal improvement with Aquaphor. Also once I found something that worked I stuck with it.

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  • The eucerin calming lotion and switching back to free and clear detergent did the trick for us. We also use very little soap and bubble bath. Burt's bees is great.
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  • I have eczema myself. Aquafor is a lifesaver. I also cannot use any scented soaps or detergents. And ditto PPs on lukewarm water.

    I use Tide Free and Gentle and nonscented Dove soap for sensitive skin. I use Aquafor on my eczema, which is mostly on my hands, and Eucerin on the rest of my body. I find it helps to prevent more outbreaks. I do shower everyday but I am careful not to overwash my hands. I have found soap to make matters much worse. The steroid creams help me when it gets really bad and out of control as does wearing light, breathable cotton clothing. But usually if I use the Aquafor and Eucerin twice daily, after bathing and before bed, it remains under control. Good luck!
  • Eczema stinks! We went thorugh that with our DS and are still battling eczema. My son was tested for all sorts of allergens both in the food and the air and came back with no food allergies. After trying a steriod oinment that our pediatrian gave us I decided to book an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist. Best idea ever! Our dematologist prescribed derma smooth (a steroid liquid) and had us completely change our routine. No lotions, no scents, nothing. We are to use vaseline only because according to her that creates a barrier that protects the skin. We used derma smooth to control the eczema and that was at 6 months. Now he is good, still no scents, me and my husband don't use any kind of scents on ourselves and we aren't even allowed to burn candles But the eczema is a million times better!!!! We use the derma smooth maybe once a month depending on his flare ups which still occur from time to time. He's 15 months now. We use vaseline as a lotion and apply that twice per day and we use Eucerin soap for bath time. Good luck with your little one. I'll tell you when we first started dealing with eczema we tried everything!! I bought every lotion that supposedly was for eczema, I tried going the all natural route after seeing a holistic doctor, we used coconut oil as lotion, we stopped dairy, then we stopped soy. And nothing, NOTHING helped until we saw the dermatologist.
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