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S/O Easter baskets

Did you do an Easter basket for your LO's first year? How old was he/she when they got their first one? It totally hadn't occurred to me to do one until I saw the post below but now I am thinking I may do a small one.

We will see bc I am certain grandparents will send stuff. Maybe I will just put what they send in a basket for her and let her open it on Easter, lol. I would kind of like to start a tradition of getting her something church related for Easter, even if it's just board books or something

Re: S/O Easter baskets

  • I've always gotten my kids a basket. Ds1 was born on Easter and so he didnt get a basket then of course. Ds2 was like 9 mos. The first year I put board books, baby snacks, and stuffed animals in the basket.
  • I'll do one for DD for sure... I think I'll fill some eggs with fishy crackers and grapes, etc, and then get her a few other small things. She won't know what's going on, but I think it'll be fun for DH and I :) 

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  • Dd1 didn't get one her first year, she was about 8 months. Dd2 did at 9 months, mostly because dd1 would want her to have one, too.

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  • I don't think I did anything for DD's first Easter, but I did for DS's first Easter since DD was getting something.  For DS's first Easter I only got him a summer outfit since he was only a few months old.  I plan on getting him a full basket this year (baskets will be smaller for both kids since we will be traveling over the holiday and everything needs to fit in my suitcase). 
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  • LIttle man got one last year but my parents did it. (he was only a few days old). I am doing it this year. it has a stuffed bunny, ball, swim trunks and shirt and so on.
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  • Not really, she was 3 or 4 months. I forget went Easter was last year. we got her a toy and some bubbles. We were so not prepared and went out on Easter to get it.

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  • I did one for my DD last year, even though she was only 4 weeks old.  I did a board book, new summer outfit, new pj's, teether, and rattle.  All stuff she needed/I would have gotten her anyway.  Obviously the basket was more for me/DH than for her, but I wanted to start the tradition with her very first Easter.

  • We did for each of them. DS1's basket only had empty plastic eggs and baby oatmeal. DS2's had empty plastic eggs, baby oatmeal, and sippy cups, DS3's will have empty plastic eggs, shaker eggs, and rice snacks.
  • I did, he was a little over a month old I think. It had pacis, pjs, a rattle and a book in it.
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  • DD will be 2.5 months old for Easter this year and we are doing an Easter basket for her.  Clearly, we don't need to but we want to.  

    She is definitely getting a book, Sophie the giraffe and Baby Einstein take along tunes.  We may throw a couple more little things in there as well.   

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  • I did for dd's first Easter...she was about 3 weeks shy of her first birthday and she got an Easter board book, bunny ears (they were too cute!), gerber puffs and wagon wheels as well as some carrot baby food....

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  • image Allycat11:
    DD will be 2.5 months old for Easter this year and we are doing an Easter basket for her. nbsp;Clearly, we don't need to but we want to. nbsp;She is definitely getting a book, Sophie the giraffe and Baby Einstein take along tunes. nbsp;We may throw a couple more little things in there as well. nbsp;nbsp;

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  • DS was about 10 months for his first and we did a basket because I wanted to start the tradition on his first Easter.  He got a lot of stuff he needed - spoons, socks, etc. - we filled plastic eggs with puffs, he got some bubbles and a small toy.  It was so much fun watching him crawl to it and take each thing out!
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  • I did not give DD a basket for her first Easter.  She was 8 months at the time.
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  • DS was around 9 months his first Easter, and we did a basket with an Easter bib, a new towel and bath toys, and some eggs filled with puffs/crunchies, etc, and then some fun cheap toys like bunny ears headband, a stuffed bunny, etc.  He loved it!
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  • DS was 7months last year for his first Easter and we still did a basket for him. In it he got some puffs, a Easter bib, a stuffed Thumper Bunny from Bambi, blue bunny ears, a couple Easter themed board books and probably more that I am forgetting.
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  • My mom does the baskets since we travel to her house for the holiday.  DS got Tommy DePaola's "My First Easter" board book, which he likes to read all year round, a baby toy, and I think some goldfish in his basket last year.
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  • We did baskets for the kids first Easters.  They got board books, baby food, baby/toddler snacks, socks, clothes, pjs, just anything to fill up the basket :)

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