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Anyone else avoiding decision making?

I'm more than happy to go buy clothes for my little girl, but I just don't feel like dealing with the headaches of trying to figure out which is the best furniture/accessories/fill-in-the-blank and why and what we can afford and blah blah blah.  Anyone else in the same boat?  My shower is 10 weeks away so I figure I have a little bit of time...but then at other moments I start worrying that I'm procrastinating too much.  Ugh.  
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Re: Anyone else avoiding decision making?

  • Eh, I really haven't done much yet. Babies don't need a whole heck of a lot at the beginning, so I figure I'll get the basics, and work the rest out as we go.
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  • I'm the opposite; we registered for the crib, stroller, and car seat we want, but I can't make myself go out and look at clothes for this little guy. It seems too real that way or something. (Plus, we bought some clothes last time and ended up saying goodbye too soon and I think that's got me all freaked out.)

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  • I don't have anything yet.. Started making a baby registry but it just seems so early still. 

  • I feel the same. The other day I read a 7 page guide on picking a breast pump, then gave up and didn't pick one. I mean, at some point we have to decide but a few last minute decisions won't kill anyone. And you know, I figure for every item I'm deciding on that has 20-50 options, two people could do all the research and decide on two different products and neither of their kids will really suffer so I shouldn't stress myself out.

    I even registered for two different carseats -- the Chicco you registered for because I figure you must've had a good reason, and then a cheaper Graco for my DH's car which won't get much use because he has a 2-seater. Why did I pick that Graco? Heck if I know. 

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  • image gulickr:
    Eh, I really haven't done much yet. Babies don't need a whole heck of a lot at the beginning, so I figure I'll get the basics, and work the rest out as we go.

    This is exactly how I feel.  Plus, I detest shopping.  I'm sure my daughter will turn out to be a shopaholic.

  • Fortunately I have a lot of things that I am reusing from my older kids, but my toddler will definitely be needing a new bed and dresser so I can move this baby into his crib. Furniture is such a pricey buy, though, that I hate spending the money on it. Although I'm almost 21 weeks, I'm still waiting for my AS, so I have a feeling I will start shopping soon afterwards. Like you, I will probably start with the smaller, less expensive stuff, like clothes and a RnP, before purchasing a double stroller and new furniture.

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  • I'm definitely in the same boat! My hubby and I have gone crib shopping three times and have yet to commit to anything.... I know at some point I need to stop pretending like July is so far away
  • I am feeling the same way. I just told my friend this afternoon, "I wish there was a 'starter package' I could order so I wouldn't have to make so many decisions!"
  • Like ncchnat, I'm opposite too. For me, researching and planning for things and making a list (registry) of the things I need is keeping it logical and methodical for me. Plus it's a distraction. It's situations where people are setting shower dates and ooing and ahing over me that freak me out and turn me into a bundle of nerves and makes me want to keep the baby in the ute forever. 
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  • I know the crib & rocker/glider that I want, but will wait about a month to order them.   I also know who I want to order the bedding from... but...  am hesitant to even order swatches! And I have the stroller/carseat narrowed down, too. 

    We haven't bought anything else really at all.   I am sure if we knew/if we were finding out the sex I would want to buy more!!

    Like a few others have said, I started registries to organized what I want... but have yet to go to a store.  My shower isn't until late may/early June... so... I have lots of time. 

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  • I've gotten nothing.  Haven't made a list or anything.  I guess I should start thinking about these things?

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  • Ugh... I've set up everything I've wanted for the regestry. We just bought the crib and travel system but also got us a new bed as well. I have a few clothes but I feel the same way. I'm finding myself stressing over stupid things. I feel as if we have so much to do but so little time and with the uncertantly with moving It makes it worse. 
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