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I don't feel pregnant!

I'm 17 weeks along tommorow and I don't feel pregnant at all, I don't have any bleeding or pain, but it's unsettling that for 14 weeks straight I felt like death and now nothing. Looking for some reassurance. Any one else have this happen?!

Re: I don't feel pregnant!

  • I'm feeling the same exact way right now at 15w and it's put a little worry in the back of my mind. I know everything's probably ok though! Symptoms fluctuate all the time!
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  • Every book I have read says symptoms go away in 2nd trimester. You get your energy back, nausua let's up and you feel normal again minus your belly getting bigger.... I wouldn't worry about it. But if it is stressin you out call your Dr. Fr reassurance. I bought a doppler and with past losses and a tough time getting to 15 weeks it has been a life saver! It is so reassuring and comforting knowing I can hear the heartbeat whenever I want!
  • Be careful what you say... I felt that way the other day then bam... Major constipation hit. It was awful. Symptoms do fluctuate all the time. I'm sure your baby is just fine. :)
  • Welcome to second Tri! Many symptoms completely disappear for people. Other than a little fatigue, I'm feeling pretty normal at 16 weeks
  • I completely sympathize with you & am relieved to hear that we're not alone!  I had some mild morning sickness in my first trimester (no vomiting) but still didn't really feel pregnant.  And now that the morning sickness is gone & my energy is back up, I feel pretty "normal" most days.  Add to that the fact that I've only gained a couple pounds & am still waiting for my belly to pop, and I'm feeling strangely UNpregnant too!  Guess we should just keep our eyes out for any signs of trouble but also be thankful that we're able to enjoy this time without any major inconveniences.  I have a feeling those are on the way no matter how we feel now lol!



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  • It's so hard, but try not to worry!  I was feeling strangely unpregnant around 11 weeks and got so spooked I made an appointment with my OB to check if there was still a heartbeat.  She told me that a reduction in symptoms at that point (or perhaps later, in your case!) means that the placenta is mostly finished developing and has taken over nourishing the baby so your hormones are not as wild as they had been.  Hooray for feeling better!

  • Me either. I'm 16 weeks and honestly if it wasn't for my lack of a period, I'd have no idea that I am pregnant.

    The only thing that keeps me reassured is the great NT scan we had and hearing the heartbeat yesterday.
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  • I'm 16 weeks tomorrow (my ticker is out), and other than being a bit tired still and having a protruding belly, I often don't feel pregnant. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm carrying this other little person around! 
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  • I feel the same way! I'm 17 wks today and aside from a little swishy feeling every 3 to 4 days I don't feel anything pregnancy related!

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  • I hear you other than the fact I am just putting on weight! Ugh...something trying to deal with since I've never experienced this. Typically pretty active and worked out all the time and now, I'm lucky if intake myself get to the gym 3 days a week! I guess I wonder when the bump going to appear rather than this tire I feel like I'm carrying around?! But hey I guess I should feel thankful since I didn't experience the horrible sicknesses??
  • I felt like that from about week 13-15, then I started getting terrible sciatic pain and my uterus is pushing on everything and is becoming very uncomfortable!!
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  • So your best to enjoy this time.  The calm before the storm sort of thing! lol
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