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oh my...

I just had my first major hormonal cry. Over something SO dumb....
So my DH decided that he wanted to clean out our office and make it a spare room, as our old spare room is now baby's room. We have a ton of crap in there, and I was helping him clean it out. Well, the most frustrating part is that there is tons of heavy furniture that needs to be moved. I usually help out because I don't mind and I like to keep busy, but when he looked at me and said "crap, you can't help me move any of this, can you?" I immediately burst into really ugly sobs. I just feel so bad, because his best friend is gone this weekend and he doesn't really have anyone else. I seriously had to go into the bathroom, just to sob. And he wasn't even upset about it, I was the one who was upset! I seriously just looked at myself in the mirror and felt so dumb. I guess I'm just not used to feeling helpless!

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